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This website is dedicated to fans of fantasy fiction; people with the imagination to open their minds to unknown worlds and unlikely creatures that spring to life on the written page and inspire our love of all things magical.

The Time of the Changing is the first exciting novel by Polly Lewis and offers its reader an incredible tale of love, hate, friendship and betrayal. It is a magical adventure that travels through enchanting worlds of light and darkness, leading its spellbinding characters precariously towards their ultimate destinies, and tempting the reader to unravel the many mysteries contained within its challenging pages.

The story centres around the Witan, a girl child born every five hundred years for one special and daunting purpose; to maintain the balance between good and evil. There have been many before her, each one trained to resist the temptations of the dark and menacing Solon, but Riana is the last and most powerful of her line, and her struggle to come to terms with who she is and the development of her magic, will stretch her emotions to their very limit. From her innocent childhood in a quiet Essex village on Earth, to the complexities of womanhood and worlds of unbelievable power, she is aided by both human friends and magical allies who are never quite what they seem, and it is only when the story reaches its riveting conclusion that you finally realise you should never judge a book by its cover...



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