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9th of July 2007:



I am a little bit late with the message but on the 25th of June Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii was launched in Amerika! Other Release dates cauldnt be found .


30th of June 2007:

If u want to hav 1 of the jobs ( see on the bottem of the page) go to the guestbook or forum. Or you can talk about trading pokemon with other guys on pokemon diamond and pearl.

20th of June 2007:


we have edit some things to the Pokemon Fire red and Leaf gree page  the same as the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald page and we have a new page called the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl page. So check it out! 

19th of June 2007:

New :

We have 2 new pages ( the fire red and leaf green page and the ruby sapphire and emerald page) Also we deleted the walkthrough page because the walkthroughs are now on the fire red and leaf green pages and ruby sapphire and emerald page. Later their will also come a Daimond and Pearl page.

Movie 10:

We have some screenshots of the Pokemon movie number 10! Dalkia vs Palkia.  I hope you  like them cause i do! I dont know when it will be in Cinema but we will see!



18th of june 2007:

New! :

If you register on forum you can get link or if you find 3 others you will get big link on the front page.

17th of june 2007:

Geustbook :

I want to get 100 signatures on the geustbook. the one who sends the 100 signature will get a great link on the home page. And no spamming!

Link :

If you want a link on our site tell me. Instead you need to put a link from my site on yours. Ask on Geustbook for more info or ask there to be linked.

Finally some news again and it is very cool news! We found some boxart of Pokemon Rescue team 2 ! Its the Japanese version cause their is no info about the American or the European one. Here is the Japanese boxart :



8th of june:

There's a new job called PROMO! When you are a promo you try to make the site more famous. You can put links of this site on other sites or do something else. The basic thing is just to make the site famous. And its not so hard to be a promo. Ask on the forum ( register ) or guestbook and we will look if u are good for this new job!


7th of june :


ADDED : we have added a new page , the pokemon picture page . You can find pictures and videos there . Hope you like it !


6th of june:

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl site revealed some screenshots showing what comes out of the Poke Ball item.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii is planned to be released somewhere in 2007. The Graphics are the game are good . I hope that this version will beat the great Super Smash Bros . Game on the GameCube . I really enjoyed that game . So this one has to be good to . Its cool there are new characters and new Pokemon in it like Groudon and i think Kyogre and Rayquaza to . We will see if they will come to Super Smash Bros . Brawl to .



6th of june:

In the first five days since pokemon Diamond and Pearl have been released, over 1 million copies have been sold! This is a faster rate than any previous Pokemon game. More than 155 million pokemon games have beem sold world wide. And Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have been predicted to become the two top selling games of the United States!


5th of June :

In Australie there will be an big Pokemon Event . Its an event about the release of Pokemon Daimond and Pearl ! The Event is called the Nintendo DS connection Tour '07 ( 2007 ) . This event will start on the 30 of june and it will travel in 8 different locations untill july the 21st . So its nearly possible for every australian to go to this Pokemon Event .  And Pokemon Daimond will be released in Australie on the 21st of July ( the end of the big event to ) .]


4th of june 2007:

Pokemon Is going to arcade halls. I couldn't get much info on the internet but i still got some pics.  I really like it . It looks quit funny to . But maby it will only be in Japan . Its a typical Japan thing . Like many other funny Pokemon things and stuff wich are only avalible in Japan . But lets keep our finger crossed and hope it wil come here to . So waitong is an option and we will see if it comes here . And also an qeustion is , What kind of games can it play ?? Will it be games like Pokemon colloseum or older versions or even the upcoming Pokemon Battle Revolution ? There are so many qeustion to this arcade machine . Or maby they will make an exclusive game for it ??? who knows , Time will tel .


3rd of june 2007:

Just some cool userbars i found on the internet . I hope u like them cause i find them pretty cool . The one i like the most is the middle one , the one that says Pikachu fan . Its also possible to make Userbars yourself with certain programs . I dont know wich one they used with this one but i can bet its an better one than I have . If you want to download an userbar maker program go to userbar.org . Good luck with it !


2nd of june 2007:

In North-America there playing pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In Japan there Playing  pokemon Diamond and Pearl too. But in Europe there is no pokemon Diamond and Pearl. But it will be soon!

release date europe:

27 juli 2007


2nd of June 2007 :

The site is just started today and I've already some cool news for you . I've seen some info about an Pikachu DS ! Ofcourse I already new that there would come one soon but now it is confirmed . Will it be sold good ? Time will tell us . I think it will cause all those mommies and daddies will buy these Pikachu DS's for their children or those children just buy it  themselfes . It looks quit funny to . But time will let us no .  And also check this out ! click here  Its and link to an countdown of Pokemon Battle Resolution for the WII . Hope u like it !


Remember some of the info can be wrong !


Welcome !

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The site is just new so certain things aren't made . So watch sometimes the site to look if we have anything news for you . We want pages for the pokemon games and walkthroughs ( whats made but is still under construcion ) and pages for the movies and info about all pokemon . You will see later if we all got this . You can make it easier if you help us . You can help us as being an Newswriter of our site . Or as helper , or you may help at forum as moderator . Who knows ?? But remeber we don't pay you for doing this ! Its just that you can make together a better and bigger site then when you are alone . We have now two workers . The Admins .
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