Poets United For Christ

Uplifitng the name of Jesus in Poetry

About the Author:  Feon Davis


What inspires my heart and soul is the love that Jesus gives me regardless, of the situation I may go through he always there heart, mind and soul. He is a MIGHTY Redeemer. As a survivor of trauma events in my life, the good Lord always pull me through and make me fulfill of his Love, and devotion. In addition, feel and now that he always shows me, ministers and teaches me. I am miracle from the Heavenly Father.


My dear mother, whom is still here today, had a dangerous intent against not only her life but mine. At the time, I was being born.  This was express to me by my mother one day. And it if it wasn't for the strength, faith, and the good Lord give my mother she and I would have been dead. Not of his earth but heaven. I praise him when, I am not at my best mentally. Yet he reminds me he loves me and gives me no more than I can bear. I see clearing my reason for being here, even when I am coping with PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression and learing disability. Throughout it, the good Lord uses me to do his work to someone else. I hope and praying you all enjoys my poems and stop by www.inthearmsofgod.com to read more.



e  At  Peace

Copyrighted  © 2005 All Rights Reversed


Kneeling before you

Not only as an adult

But as an child


I know in Spirit

I am of thee

And that is complete.


As you lived within

This is being when I awaken


You speak when the sun rays radiant with colors

And as the wind flows

I can listen to my Spirit


There you are….

My pray answered


No matter what time

Nor what day

Either how bad the day


Lord you the antidote of the disease were suffering from.


Written by Feon Lavyette Davis

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Email: spiritfreewithin@yahoo.com



pirit Sounds



On a somber cool night

Looking up toward the night sky

I see a half moon

The Holy Spirit comes to mind

The Lord Jesus has the whole world in hands

When the day is dusk

I hear like no other sounds

Rather near even unexpected

From a loving flower, love is color

Comforting for his loving grace

Widens my Spirit to my mission

And lengthen the path set forth instrument in Jesus

A Work in his children set to be.


Written by Feon Lavyette Davis

Visit www.inthearmsofgod.com

Email: spiritfreewithin@yahoo.com

Copyrighted  © 2005 All Rights Reversed