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   Where else does a quarter buy you this much fun???

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Welcome to

Bryan's Pocket Change


I have been collecting since 1998 and as you can see from the pictures have aquired a little of everything.


My passion for classic gaming

I am dedicating this website to all the arcades that allowed me to be a kid along with my brother Sean and my father who have passed away from their battles with Cancer. I look back at how the arcade has been a part of my life. This is where I grew up as a teenager. I was always fascinated by the new games that came out and the challenges that just a quarter could buy. My parents owned a convenience store though most of my teenage years. This is where I was introduced to the most current video games of the 80's. My favorites where Time Pilot, Mario brothers and the Mr Do titles. My fascination in pinball started in my early high school years with Pinbot. I remember getting my licences and driving into Appleton where My friends and I would go to a place called Pocket Change in the Valley Fair mall. Pocket Change was a place not only for my friends and I but my brothers and sisters to spend time together. My little brother Sean and I probably spent the most time together in one arcade or the other. One of our last times together before his passing was at a arcade having fun. I have been collecting for about 10 years with my first few years messing with a arcade simulator called Mame. This got me caught back into the classic arcade playing. I received my first chance at owning a Space invaders from my brother Richard. This game was in a garage of a house he bought. I worked off payment helping him work on that house. The Space Invaders was not working and I new nothing about arcade games at the time. I some how found my way into a newsgroup where people talked about nothing but classic video games. What a dream nothing but buying and selling and questions answered on technical help. This got me hooked and the rest is history. I have now 21 video games and 26 pinball machines in my collection. This and all of the arcade related items I have found will be part of my gameroom. I was fortunate that when my favorite arcade Pocket Change had closed down Barb the owner gave me a call. I had purchased her Medieval Madness pinball machine from her and gave her my name in case she had anything else to sell.   Well she ended up closing because the Mall was getting ripped down and offered me all the signs and any of the equipment that I wanted..I took what I had room for.  I have met many great people in this hobby who have the same love I do for this craziness... My current plans will be to build a arcade that will be attached to the house.  I will take pictures and post them to this web sight as things are completed.  I would love to here input from visitors of this website and love to here story's you have.  You can post your story in my guest book for others to see or email me privately. I would like to here about your experiences of getting into the hobby or your love of the coin-op business. 

 Thanks for visiting...

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