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What I Collect..............


 Red Sox Team Sets **Please NOTE some of the team sets I am needing include Short-Prints. I have decided not to list them, but IF you have any for trade please let me know.* 

My favorite type of cards are Chromes, Refractors etc.

Haven't started a page for Mookie Betts but please let me know what u have.





Amy's Trading Policies

HOW NOT TO SEND DAMAGED CARDS.......................

I have had some damaged cards recently in the mail, due to people putting more than adequate amount in an over-sized top loader. I understand the economy is very bad for all of us, but if you are going to cram the cards into a top loader (that's TOO SMALL for them in the 1st place), what's the point? They degrade the value greatly just so you the sender can save a few $$.

Please do not seal the Top-Loaders or boxes (Ex. a 25 count plastic box) you may send to me w/Scotch Tape. I have poor fine-motor skills because of my disability. Thank You. I find a Team bag works even better and the cards don't shift or get lost. 

Cards should be sent in Top-Loaders ONLY ! 

I am fine with used shipping material, just want to make sure cards arrived UNDAMAGED. 


Card Savers = Card Killers, DO NOT SEND THIS WAY NO


 Top Loaders, YES


About Me

It's been 2 years since I stopped trading on SCF, but I am back for a while to trade off all my stock or SELL! 

Sport Card Fun Username: PomKee

Trading Card Database: Lyrical Kees 

Updated 09.07.17