Pleven and its trolleybus system

The trolleybuses of Pleven, Bulgaria



Pleven is unique for its trolleybuses bacause the enviroment friendly vehicles cover over 90% of the public transport. 74,5 km electic routes, 14 lines, 70 trolleybuses for a population of 120,000 makes Pleven`s trolleybus system the most developed in Bulgaria and one of the most developed in Europe in terms of density.

The trolleybus service in Pleven was introduced in 1985 and reached its current scale in 1988. There is a project for extention of the system which would turn Pleven into all trolleybus city.   


Back to October 7, 1985 find fascinating photos from the evening when the trolleybus service in Pleven was officially opened. 

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Skoda trolleybuses arrive in 2014!

40 new trolleybuses Skoda 26 TR will be delivered to Pleven next year. The new vehicles will renew part of the 66 ZIU-682 fleet. 

"Our company has succeeded on the Bulgarian market not long after we signed the contract for fifty vehicles to the country's capital Sofia. Under the new contract, however, we will produce vehicles type koda 26 Tr. 22 pieces are designed for Burgas, 40 pieces for Pleven, 30 pieces for Varna and 8 pieces will go to Stara Zagora, " says Karel Majer, Head of the trolley bus division of koda Electric.

New trolleybuses will be equipped with an auxiliary diesel engine, designed for driving outside the contact line. Significant energy saving and reduced maintenance costs is provided by an asynchronous traction motor and microprocessor-controlled voltage inverter with heat recovery. Increased passenger comfort is provided by an efficient air-conditioning and modern audio-visual system.

"koda Electric has signed four major export contracts for trolleybuses this summer. Czech trolleybuses will thus be seen not only in Bulgaria, but also in Latvia and the Slovak Republic. Overall, we were able to sign new contracts on trolleybuses for a total of 5.6 billion crowns and I consider it a historic achievement. In connection with this, we are expanding and modernizing our factory for trolleybuses in Pilsen and we will hire new employees "says Jaromr ilhnek , CEO of koda Electric.

Today, koda Electric is the largest European manufacturer of trolleybuses. They are being delivered to cities as Szeged in Hungary, the Uzbek city of Urgenc or Italian Rome. During the existence of trolleybus production, koda delivered cars not only in Europe but also in Asia and North America.

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