Pleven and its trolleybus system

The trolleybuses of Pleven, Bulgaria

25 years trolleybuses in Pleven

May 19, 1984  Start of the trolleybus network construction in Pleven.

March, 1985
  The first trolleybus line is completed. It connects the Pleven central raiway station and Kailaka park The total lenght of the route is 5,1 km. The trolleybus line in one direction is 10,5 km.

March 1985 The first trolleybus Skoda 9 TR borrowed from Sofia entered Pleven. The Skoda was used for test runs before the Pleven trolleybuses are delivered. Skoda 9TR in May 1, 1985 passing in front of the Pleven town`s court building.

May 1, 1985   The Skoda 9 TR was used as an attraction during the Labor day manifestation. The trolleybus made a solemn ride along the streets packed with children waving flowers and ballons.

May to October 1985 The first line is ready but the delivery of the trolleybuses is delayed. The local authorities had negotiations with the Czech producer Skoda for 14 trolleybuses Skoda 14TR. The Czech company  was unable to deliver the vehicles in time and the managers start searching for new options. They consider offers for 62 German recycled trolleybuses Solingen, articulated Hungarian trolleybuses Ikarus 280T and ZIU-9. The German trolleybuses are rejected because of their small capacity of only 40 passangers. Ikarus satisfied the Pleven authrities but the producer couldn`t promice to deliver almost 100 trolleybuses in the upcoming years. The Soviet producer ZIU takes it all.  

Trolleybuses Solingen seen in the German city of Solingen in 1984. These vehicles were considered to arrive in Pleven in 1985. Today the  unique Solingen trolleybuses are still running in Mendoza, Argentinia. The photoes and the info about the Solingen trolleybuses are granted by Dipl.-Ing. JURGEN LEHMANN from TROLLEYMOTION.COM


 October 4, 1985 - The first 7 trolleybuses ZIU 9 are delivered from the USSR. The ZIUs of Pleven were the first trolley vehicles of this kind in Bulgaria. Later on ZIU-9 became the most polpular trolleybus in Bulgaria with 471 vehicles delivered in Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Shumen, Vratsa, Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo.

October, 7 1985 - The first official trolleybus day in Pleven. Dances, excitement and unforgetable moments...The first carmen are photografed in front of trolleybus 106 minutes before the start. The third man (from left, with glasses and light suite) is the manager of the Pleven trolleybus company today Angel Nestorov.

October, 7 1985 - 18:15 - The first run of trolleybus 102.

  The trolleybus system of Pleven was officially introduced at 6:15 pm on October, 7 1985  when the 7 ZIUs (#101 - #107) started service on line 1. Pleven bacame the third Bulgarian city with trolleybuses after Sofia (1941) and Plovdiv (1955). The citizens were very excited and crowded the streets to cheer their trolleybuses. Trolleybus ride was free of charge during the first trolleybus day in Pleven. During the first and the following days it was almost impossible to get into a trolleybus because the vehicles were crowded all the time.

  101 is the first trolleybus of Pleven and the first ZIU in Bulgaria. This vehicle will be preserved as symbol of the trolleybus transport in Pleven. At the picture above 101 is photografed in December 2005 at the age of 20.

December 1985  5 trolleybuses ZIU-9  enter  Pleven  (#108 - #112)

May, 14 1986  The trolleybus route number 2 is officially opened. Line 2 connects the railway station and Storgozia housing area.

August 1986   The trolleybus network reaches Drouzba housing area  During the first months the routes are sevrices both by trolleybuses and diesel buses before more trolleybuses are delivered.

November 5, 1986  41 Trolleybuses ZIU-9 are delivered in Pleven (#113 - #154) .

1987 The first trolleybus involved in accidnent in Pleven. The vecicle 111 is stroked by a truck while running on line 8 from Drouzba housing area to Storgozia.
111 seen minutes after the first trolleybus road accident in Pleven in 1987.

1988   The routes to the East industrial zone are completed

1988   40  new trolleybuses are delivered  (#155 - #195)

Trolleybus 160 in May 2006, 18 years after it was imported in Pleven.

1996   2  new ZIU - 9 (682) are delivered (#196 and #197). The vehicles were produced in 1988 and were originaly delivered  to the town of Shoumen where the trolleybus system was never completed.
Trolleybus 197 in December 2005.



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