Red Rock Plastic Ponies - 2018  



This show is NAMHSA, Western Conference, and Region 2 "Golden West Championship" approved.

RED ROCK PLASTIC PONIES 2018 will be held at the Washington County Regional Park - Exhibit Building - in Hurricane, UT.  The physical address is 5500 West 700 South.  To get there from I-15 take Exit 16 and travel 2.5 miles southeast on State Route 9 then turn right at 5300 West.


"Welcome to "Red Rock Plastic Ponies".  This is the 4th  time I have held a show in Utah.  I held Plastic Ponies On Parade in Michigan for 7 years.  It was voted "Model Show Of The Year" for 2014.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me at and I will do my best to find an answer.  This is a "Double Judged" show, meaning:  Both breed and collectability, or breed and workmanship, will be judged in each class (except Performance and Decorator).  Your entry could win both a green and yellow NAN card in each class. 

There will be hand made paper ribbon flats 1st through 6th for Breed.  There will be hand made paper ribbons 1st thru 3rd for Collectability and Workmanship.  8" paper flats will be given for Section Champions and Reserves.  Certificates will be awarded for Division Champions and Reserves.

Hurricane is a really nice town, although growing very fast.  There are alot of local fast food and other restaurants in the area along with Wal-Mart.  There are many Hotels in Hurricane.  See the section on maps/directions. 


 Red Rock Plastic Ponies has been approved for the Breyer Benefit Donation Model for 2018.  This is a photo of a previous year's model.  Check out the Breyer website to see the one for 2018.

Here are the rules:

*The show must be a NAMHSA approved Live show and cannot be sponsored by any other toy or collectible company. Breyer retailers are welcome to hold a Live show that may qualify for this program, but it must also be a NAMSHA approved show.  Please see for more information.

*The show must offer classes for Traditional and Classic Breyer model horses.  The show cannot be a minis-only, resins only, performance only, or other ?specialty? type show that would exclude Traditional scale Breyer horses.  General ?Halter Only? shows are acceptable provided they offer a class list for all breeds and types of Breyer horses. (The show cannot be for Appaloosas only, for example.)

* The Benefit model may not be sold for monetary gain. This includes outright sale, sale at best offer via Ebay or in person at the show, or through the sale of additional raffle tickets.  Absolutely no purchase is to be required in order to win, aside  from the actual show entry fee. Only one ticket per shower, no exceptions. The gift of this model is designed to benefit shows through increased attendance.

*Show holder and their immediate family are not eligible to win the prize model even if family members are also paid entrants.  Judges and show staff are only eligible to win if they are also paid entrants of the show and are showing in other divisions that day.  No person who is not a paid entrant is eligible to win this model.

*Winner MUST be a paid entrant and in attendance to receive a Breyer Live Show Benefit Model button and have the opportunity to win the show model. No proxy entrants are eligible to win the Raffle model. Show holder may not oversell the room in order to sell more raffle tickets. Each paid entrant must have a chair to sit in, a space at a table, and at least one model that is actually shown that day. If attendance is high and space becomes an issue, shared tables are fine as long as all showers at that table are aware of the fact, and agree to shared tables ahead of time.

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