Our clothing reflects our belief in the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding modesty and purity. The men, women and children all dress modestly avoiding clothing that is  too tight or too revealing. 

Many of the Plain Catholic women in countries of Europe and the North Americas also dress in a similar mode as the other Plain groups including Amish, and Old German Baptist Brethren with minor differences: dresses with buttons; capes, cappas or modesty vests over top; plain, with little or no frills; low heeled shoes; some also prefer jumpers. 

The men sometimes wear straw or felt hats with brims especially when working outside. Plain coats and vests; plain or small plaid shirts with buttons; and long pants are worn for Mass and some jobs. For chores and manual work the men wear one of the following: belted work tunics over long pants; full-length jeans and button shirts; or bibbed overalls with button shirts to maintain modesty. Men's pants are either belted at the waist or suspenders are worn. Sleeves are no shorter than the elbow. Some jobs may require a coat and tie of which the Plain Catholic man wears subdued colors, nothing garish.

In Asian, South American, and Middle Eastern countries, the Plain Catholics wear the traditional dress of the farmers of the culture in which they live. Catholic modesty and plainness is always observed in the garment design as well as wearing headcoverings for the women. Plain Catholics in countries with non-European traditions wear simple, unadorned and modest clothing indigenous to those cultures and their agrarian roots.


Plain Catholic women wear a headcovering/prayer covering at all times, at Mass and in daily life, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 11 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Our reasoning is that if women have been prescribed to cover their heads during prayer (1 Cor 11 uses "katakalupto" meaning "to veil or to cover" Strong's Greek); and if we are to be praying continually (1 Thess 5), it follows that a continual full time covering is the most logical outcome and expression of these Scriptures.

The headcovering/prayer covering may be a mantilla, prayer kapp or another style of headcovering. All headcoverings are plain; feathered and embellished headcoverings are never seen on the Plain Catholic woman. Below are pictures of other examples of clothing preferred by Plain Catholics in addition to the traditional Amish caped dress or the Brethren cappa dress. Dresses with modesty vests; jumpers and skirts with modest blouses are plain attire similar to the Charity or Hutterite styles. All hems are below the calf, all necklines are above the collar bone. Sources for the American and European-styled items can be found in the References and Links section. Those who live in other regions will find their modest and plain clothing in their resources for farmers.

When people wonder why our clothing is so like other plain clothing the answer is simple. We have found that excessive decorations and jewelry are admonished against in 1 Timothy 2:9,10. Likewise, decorations and jewelry are not very practical in the day to day life of chores and work in the Plain Catholic home. When clothing is basic without all the "bells and whistles", it becomes quite standardized in appearance and form, akin to economy automobiles that have only the basics and appear indistinguishable from one another. In short, Plain Catholic clothing is simple, unadorned and quite practical for the life.


The men wear long pants belted or with suspenders. Buttoned shirts with sleeves and are in muted colors. Shoes and boots are simple and sturdy. Some wear a coat and tie in subdued colors as a requirement for their jobs.

The women wear dresses with modesty vests; jumpers with blouses; or skirts with blouses and vests. Aprons are sometimes worn over the dresses. The head coverings and prayer coverings may be pleated or gathered, caps or veils. Black socks with black or brown shoes (sandals are for warmer climates). Here are some samples.


 Apron from The King's Daughters


Yoke Dress with buttoned Modesty Vest The King's Daughters and Candle on the Hill (sewing pattern)

 Modesty Vest from Ringger Clothing



Prayer Coverings/Head Coverings (samples from Christian Coverings)


Lace Coverings from Joyce Long 


Some of the men wear vests or coats over plain oxford shirts to church and meetings. This practice varies by the region and its climate.

Hats provide protection from the sun during chores.

Below: examples of modest farm clothing from other regions the world




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