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I don't like Speedway. I love it!

Pitt Family Speedway Racing Team welcomes you to our home page. Please take your time to look at our site and add some feedback if you feel the need.

We wish to acknowledge all our generous sponsors for their support. Without the companies and people listed below we would not be racing. We do our best to represent you all in a positive light both on and off the track. Speedway is a family of dedicated people who just love to race and to be part of the action both on the track and in the pits.

Special acknowledgment also goes to the Ministock section at Huntly Speedway. The entire club enjoys an open and forward-looking culture and the Ministock section is especially renowned for fair play, good behaviour and for sticking to the racing rules.

Speedway is a safe sport with stringent technical standards designed to protect both the drivers and the public. We also acknowledge all the volunteers who give up their time, money and (probably) a bit of their sanity for Speedway. Cheers to you all.

The photos on this site are kindly provided by Huntly Speedway photographer Yaz Dolbel, our cousin Rob Heckman from Hillsburgh in Ontario, Canada and from our own albums.
Also now included in the Ministock photo album is a remarkable series of shots from award winning photographer Graham Hughes from SportsWeb Photography. These shots show Amy in an ebullient mood at Kihikihi Speedway in 2005. She spent the day on two and three wheels. How she didn't roll it I don't know. The photos speak for themselves. Thanks Graham.
All photos are copyrighted to the various photographers. Thanks to you all.

Welcome to PittRacing Homepage!

Our sponsors

The Meat Warehouse
AJS Auto and Marine Electrical
Filters Unlimited
Exide Technologies
The Steve Williams Foundation
Central Metals
Davy Engravers
McKenzie Enterprises
Martin Schuitemaker
Hamilton Cylinder Head and Engine Services
Hamilton Collision Repairs
Hamilton Holden Parts Haven

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