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Romance is sexy.

And a good sexy scene is almost always romantic.

So for me, sex and romance go hand in hand. I've tried writing "closed door" love scenes, but those details just keep slipping out under the door, through the keyhole, around the doorjamb...

You'll find plenty of detailed sex in my books, but the characters are always engaging in it for a reason. (Victoria and Brett are quite good at using sex as leverage on one another in the Fantasies, Inc books) I once had an editor ask me to remove all secondary plots and add more sex and she'd contract my book. I turned down that deal. Because life happens to all of us, even when we're involved in a really hot, sexy relationship. Likewise, romance (and sex) often happens to us when we're quite involved in life. And because my Piper Denna books are first and foremost romances. The characters are just a little more lusty than "mainstream" allows for.

 If mainstream is just fine for you as well, you might like my sister site, run by another voice in my head, Autumn Piper.

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