Piez's Cavern of Randomness

Welcome to the Pie-Cave...

... Where insanity is welcome to devour your soul!  I'm known on some Pokemon-related forums as iLike2EatPiez (or just Piez). And... well, this is my website. Yes, a small free one, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Anyhoo, I'm a Pokemon-fan who currently happens to be obsessed with Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Do NOT confuse me with a Pokemon-anime fan; I think Ash Ketchum should have been burtally murdered a long time ago, along with that over-rated Pikachu of his. I do, however, love the video games (especially Mystery Dungeon), and the fandom itself. I write and review Pokemon fanfiction, mainly on Pokecommunity.com and Fanfiction.net, and while I don't have a scanner or photoshop or any of that to put my art online "professionally", I consider myself pretty good at drawing Pokemon. I'm also a Pokemon spriter (putting my spriting work on the Cave of Dragonflies Forum).

So, the purpose of this site is mainly for, as I mentioned, random stuff. Like some of my fanfiction, perhaps some sprites, and more. It won't all necissarily be Pokemon-related, either... Why not look around?