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MOVIES . . .  Clocks of Movies (can be Personalized with your photos!)

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     the Godfather                               Gladiator            

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We have a collection of famous movies

Over time our list will grow. If you are looking for one in particular and we don't have it on a clock, we could always create one for you.

ALSO ...Let us make you a PERSONALIZED one...

Create a Personalized Movie Clock using your image or images. Have your faced superimposed over the original actors.

Suddenly you are the "Godfather" or "Gladiator".



15.5" Wood Case
Mahogany Stained Finish
2.5" Depth. Recessed Movement
Large 12.5" Image Area
Glass Face-Plate Cover
Quality Quartz Movement
Quality Photo Papers
Original and Custom Art Designs
[ requires 1 AA Alkaline Battery ]
                                                                        Personalized Version Shown