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About ClockArt by Picture~My~Heart
Imagine your own custom personalized clock!
Let us custom design and personalize one for you, great for home or office...

ClockArt is "the" Gift for Business, Corporate, & Personal Giving!
"ClockArt by Picture-My-Heart" is a new term which accurately depicts our products. More than a clock, we create functional
   works of art from our original designs, or from your photos and digital images.                                                                                         

We go beyond creating a clock with a simple logo. If you are
looking for more than the ordinary, our unique gifts will satisfy
your dis-   criminating tastes. These "one-of-a-kind" items are
"THE" gift for    Business, Corporate, and Personal Giving!                                                       
When you place your order for an original art design or a custom created clock face, we will contact you to go over the specifics of  your order. Custom personalized orders will be created from your photos or digital images, and can be combined with select back-   grounds, text, scripture, or poetry. When we are finished, you will 
be delivered a product which reflects you, or your company's        
 distinctive personality.                            

We design and create items in many categories. If you do not see 
what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask, and we will see if
we can create it for you.