Proof of Artist Permission, Hollow

Brandi by Fertangle

I have this saved, this is to express that Fertangle gave me permission to use this, anyway, here's the link:
It's Brandi by Fertangle
Brandihollow4: Hello

Fertangle: heya

Brandihollow4: This is Brandi from hollow.

Brandihollow4: I love that pic you did, great artwork.

Fertangle: thank you, it's one of my better pic I think

Brandihollow4: can't blame ya.

Brandihollow4: Now all I need is it transfered and of course your permission to use it.

Fertangle: trying to send it now

Brandihollow4: okays

undefined: This conversation was saved to IMs

Fertangle: I'm having problems conecting for some reason, I'll try a few things

Brandihollow4: okiies, try your best.

Fertangle: I'll just try sending another pic a sec

Brandihollow4: ok

Fertangle: nope, I'll just try logging out and then back in, don't know why it's not letting me transfer

Brandihollow4: i hate that.

Fertangle: ok lets try again

Brandihollow4: ok

Fertangle: stupid aim

Fertangle: I'm just going to update my aim back in a bit

Fertangle: sorry about all this

Brandihollow4: alrighties, it's okay, hopefully things will get straightened out.

Fertangle: hopefully

fertangle: Fertangle is offline and may receive your IMs when signing back in.

fertangle: Fertangle is online.
undefined: This conversation was saved to IMs

Brandihollow4: got it straightened out?

Fertangle: lol, nope. I'm just uploading it to my aim pic album.

Brandihollow4: okies.

Fertangle: ok try this


Brandihollow4: okies, now I just need proof of permission to forward to Jaidin.

Fertangle: okies

Fertangle: I hearby give you full permission to use the pic entitled Brandi.

Fertangle: just link it to my Da

Brandihollow4: alright, do i need to copy this IM and mail it to Jaidin?

Fertangle: yep thats all you'll have to do. she will be ok with it as I have done a few others for Hollow so there wont be any problems

Brandihollow4: okays, I'll copy this and hmail it.

Brandihollow4: thanx and have a good day Fertie.

Fertangle: thank you and you too
There ya goes!