Phoenix electric bike

Welcome to Phoenix Produce Company where we sell e-bikes.

New Ebikes are usually here in March

The new EBIKES are here at Phoenix Produce Prices may vary (March 2015 below)

They have updated EBikes every year. We just got a few 2016 model March 2016

Look below at the end to see one we took pictures of. Most are Black or Red but we have 1 Blue Ebike.  

We have a few 2015 bikes left in stock .The new  model looks just the same as last years bikes.  We ordered additional model 36V 12 amp.  So we have models in 2015.  The 36v 12amp, 48v 12 amp, 48v 20 amp, 60v 12 amp, 72v 20 amp.

36v 12 amp The cost for this bike is $700 plus tax. 

 48v 12a $795.00 plus tax 18 inch wheels

48v 14 a $795.00 plus tax

48v 20a $950 plus tax

60V 12a $1129.44 plus tax  +(Tariff added to price June 2018)

 72v 20a $1520.40  plus tax +(Tariff added to price June 2018)
All the bikes come with folded passenger seat and Smoother ride.

 Top speed is 20 so they are still a legal bicycle on the street and light rail !.  

48v 12 amp has 4 x 12v lead acid sealed batteries.  The distance are from 15-30 miles to  a charge.48v 20 amp travels 40-50 miles on a charge.

60v 12 amp has 5 x 12v lead acid seal battery the distance from 40-50 miles to a charge.  

72 v has 6-12 v batteries.  It travel  70 miles to a charger.



the new March 2015 Ebike 36 volts 12 amp below



                     48 Volt 12 Amp 18 inch wheels (Pictured below)

 72 Volts 20 Amp battery (picture below) 





      2016 model 60 Volt 12 Amp (Pictured below) grey basket,new remotes






 2016 Trike with Lithium battery for long life