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27 of September 2010 - Great News!

I would like to make a short briefing of our life untill the site will be updated:

New litter from Bea and Inti: 2 baby boys!

In my cattery have arrived 2 more cats:

My new beautifull and white baby boy : DK*Naturell Rain Man, that already participate in 2 shows, one of them this weekend in Bucharest were he got EX1 ans was nominated and also he had very good remarks from judges!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Louise for entrusting him to me!

From now one my cattery will not be only a NFO cattery, a gorgeause MCO female has joined us : DE*Big Giants Ressort's Joop, that also participated this weekend to the show and got her 2 first CAC certificates!

Again another succesfull weekend for my cattery:

RO*Phoenix's Cats Girl SO Loud was Best in Show both days and became a Premior

RO*Phoenix's Cats ONE Son was Best in Variety and became Champion

RO*Phoenix's Cats A' Real Lady became Champion

RO*Phoenix's Cats A'Fullfilled Wish got her first 2 CAC certificates

RO*Phoenix's Cats Piratte of the Carribean got his first CAP certificat

Our grandchildren from RO*Svartgranens cattery: Leia and Nectorie got EX1 and Nectarie was Best in Variety

And and the last but not least:

GIC PL* Gatta INTI got his first 2 CACS certificates was nominated and Best in Variety. Also with the Best in Variety from saturday INTI has achieved a very important and rare title.


I would like to congratulate Ewa, Inti's first mummy, thank you Ewa!

Photos will be updated SOON!

03 of May 2010 - Grandsons!!!!

This day RO*Phoenix's Cats One SON became daddy of 2 beautifull kittens in the cattery RO*Svartgranens


24-25 of April 2010 - Bucharest Spring Show

This weekend was succefull for our cattery: PL* Gatta INTI got his last to CAGCIB certificates and achieved the title of Grand International Champion, on sunday he was BIV. RU* BEATRICE Forest Land  was nominated both days and saturday was BIV. My sweet baby girl RO*Phoenix's Cats A Fullfilled WISH was nominated and won BIS both days and sunday was BIV. Our "Unexpected Litter" was succefull also : RO*Phoenix's Cats One SON and RO*Phoenix's Cats A Real Lady got their first two CAC certificates, A Real Lady was also nominated and BIV on saturday. My neuter princess RO*Phoenix's Cats Girl SO Loud got her fisrt two CAP certificats and was nominated. I wan't to congratulate also my friends Ionut and Andreea with whom I co-own  One SON and A Real Lady and Alina with whom I co-own Wish for doing such a great job in tacking care of this 3 fantastic cats. Thank you guys!!!!


30 of April 2010 - DK*Naturell Rain Man

This the day our future male was borned, at the midlle of august Rain Man will join our cattery all the way from Denmark, thank Louise!

10 of April 2010 - Kittens

At this moment we don't any kittens left but our friends from Astra-Polaris*UA and RO*Wildforest's have, please check their websites

14-15 of November 2009 - Sofia Autumn Show

Although this weekend wasn't as I expected to be and we had some unpleasent experiences our cats got 1 Best in Show, 3 nominations and 4 Best inVariety. IC PL* Gatta INTI got another 2 CAGCIB certificates, 2 Best in Variety ,1 Nomination and 1 Best in Show. RO*Phoenix's Cats One SON and RO* Phoenix's Cats Girl SO Loud each got 2 EX1 and our future quenn, our baby RO*Phoenix's Cats A Fullfilled Wish got 2 EX1, 2 Best in Variety and 2 Nominations



02-03 of October 2009 - Bucharest Autumn Show

This weekend some of our cats participate at Sofisticat Autumn Show. IC PL* Gatta INTI got 2 more CAGCIB certificates, RO*Phoenix's Cats A'Real Lady got 2 EX1 and 2 BIV, RO* Phoenix's Cats One SON got 2 EX1 and 2 NOM and RO* Phoenix's Cats Girl SO Loud got 2 EX1

This weekend we also had a profosional photoshoot with Foldi Tamas. Thanks Tamas!


07 of August 2009 - A BIG Surprise Litter

On 07 of August our 3rd litter saw the light of day, Beatrice had 4 gorgeus babies, 3 girls and one boy:



14 of June 2009 -  Phoenix's Cats News

I haven't been writting for quite a while. A lot of things happend since march.

My second litter "Unexpected Litter"  has became a reality on 07 of April. I had 4 for beautifull kittens, 3 girls and one boy unfurtunatly after just two weeks my beautifull RO* Phoenix's Cats Unexpeced Angel went to live among angels. Please go and check my other 3 babies at two months on kittens page.

 In between my sweet boy from previos litter RO* Phoenix's Cats So Brave attended Sofisticat Spring show and he got his first two neutered certificates and was nominated both days.



I also updated Gallery page with pictures off all the previous kittens. 

03 of March 2009 - Few of Phoenix's Cats News

      Our last boy, our baby I'm the Youngest is leavin to Italy next week, you don't have any kittens availables right now, but at the end of this mounth we are expecting our next litter feel free to contacts us for reservations.


09 of February 2009 - So Brave in new home

Our sweet boy So Brave left to his new home in Brasov, he has accomadate really well


22 of January 2009 - Happy Birthday Bea!!!!!

        Today My sweet Beatrice turned 2 years, so Happy Birthday baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

01 of January 2009 -Happy New Year

Our sweet boy, Pirate, has accomodate really wel from the first night with his new parents:


We still have two beautiful boys, please check them at our Kittens page 



06 of December 2008 - Few Phoenix's Cats News

We received pictures with our 3 boys in their new homes

RO* Phoenix's Cats  Just like my daddy has growed really nicely:

 RO* Phoenix's Cats Tigger Trigger  is very delighted with his new basket:

 RO* Phoenix's Cats Katrina Huriccane has now his own sink:

    We still have 3 beautiful black and white boys, check them at our kittens page .


6-7 of December 2008 - Budapest Show

         This weekend our two boys So Brave and I'm the Youngest went to Budapest, they came home with 2 EX1, 1 BIV and 2 EX3.

27-28 of September 2008 - Bucharest Autumn Show

           This weekend was very successful for our cat family, Inti got his first two CAGCIB certificate, was nominated and won Best in Variety and Best in show  both days.  Beatrice got her last two CACIB certificates and became International Champion.  Our kittens were also successful, Just like my Daddy received 2 EX 1, 2 nomination and 1 Best in show, So Brave : 1 EX1, 1 nomination, 1 Best in Variety and 1 EX2, I'm the Youngest1 EX1, 1 nomination1 Best in Variety, 1 Best in Show and 1 EX2, Tiger Trigger : 2 EX1 and Pirate of the Carribean: 2 EX3






07 of September 2008 - Cat Show 27-28 September

We are waitting for you at  The Autumn International Cat Show at Sala Palatului on 27-28 September 2008


06 September 2008 - First litter at two mounths

       Our kittens at two months old, check Kittens page



20 of July 2008 - Happy Birthday Tabitha!!!

                  Today our sweet old lady IP Siambalirags TABITHA turns 8 years :))))))))        


11 of July 2008 - First litter at one mounth

                  Our kittens at one month old, check  Kittens page



11 of June 2008 - First litter is a fact

                The first litter of RO* Phoenix's Cats Cattery is a fact, check back for further information :))))))))



17-18 of May 2008 - Wiener-Neustadt Show

                 This weekend my boy was Best in Variety both days and won his last two CACIB certificate and became International Champion   



11 of May 2008 - Happy Birthday INTI

Today our sweet darling boy turn 1 year, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby!


03 of May 2008 - Babies on the block

           With a lot of happyness we announce the fact that at the middle of June our first litter is comming :))))))))). The proud parents are Inti and Beatrice. Check back for news on kittens page


12-13 of April 2008 - Bucharest Spring Show

            This weekend both Inti and Beatrice became Champion and got their first CACIB certificat.    Our boy was in both days Best in Variety, Best in Show, Best in Category  and BOB I




            We are waitting you to see us again on 27 and 28 of September at Sofisticat Feline Association next Cat Show, held at Sala Palatului. We are looking forward to see you again! 

29-30 of March 2008 - Sofia Spring Show

This weekend in Sofia Inti and Beatrice got their first 2 certificates as adults. Both of them got 2 CAC certificates.