I've been asked to be part of a bigger and better project that will more than likely take up considerable amounts of my time. In lieu of that, I've decided to collaborate on said project instead of investing time/money into the maintenance of this website. Stay tuned for more info.

However, some of the info I have listed here I feel is beneficial, so I'll keep what I have up. I may end up using this page for the occasional plant or two I have for sale as well.



I decided I'd finally make a page with some info and pics of Nepenthes. I understand it looks awful, but bear with me for a while.

Currently, I grow all my stuff indoors, as my environment is rather hostile to the genus. Most of my plants are in one of those "portable greenhouses" (i.e. metal rack with plastic over it) inside of my house. I grow a few things in the window as well. I tend to grow mostly lowlanders.