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Posted by phfobric on May 22, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Hi peoples.

Maybe this is the first time in a while that we just sat and chatted. Okeh, ME FIRST! (props go out to anyone; including, but not excluding, we who can lay our egos aside, avoiding devisiveness, and as Jiddu Krishnamurti [google him] used to say, "see if there is a Truth beyond our day to day lives, that actually IS Truth. To discover if there is A Truth independant on anyone or anything, as if Truth were an object, which it is not. Truth is what is without allowing the mind to play wth the notion that it , the mind, has power over Truth, because it can cognize it. This then inflates the ego, and it's never ending striuggle, but the search for Truth is over then, before it really begins."

So what follows is a brief exchange with me and an overseas rep for guitar parts. Yes, I have to deal with the Chinese for a share of the guitars I build or rescue, simply because I just started this thing and I needed any momentum, cheaper prices, to start moving this juggernaut along. right now. The quality meets or exceeds manufacturers recommendations.

The plain Truth about the guitars that pass through these hands, is that I want to keep every axe I've worked on. I'm early , but maybe one day I'll see an artist using one of my ETIzGTRz(c). Not ego, just love drawing music out of a guitar when I play. Uppermost, I want my buyers to get that same feeling or it's no go, no show, no sale!


From: windylegend

To: phfobric

Subject: windylegend has sent a question about :shipping for item #121370809249, ending on Jun-18-15 19:26:14 PDT - 1 X New Pretty Good Lic Birdseye Maple Telecaster Strat Neck Guitar

Sent Date: May-21-15 17:23:53 PDT


Dear phfobric,


My dear client, your business is highly appreciated from our heart!

Your goods are now being handled, we will post them soon. If you can’t get the goods as we state in the shipping time of the description, please contact me ASAP to solve the problem.

Good communication makes things better. So plz don't give me negative or neutral feedback until we have communicated and I have tried to resolve any problems. If you do have a problem, please kindly reply this message, and attach your problem here, we will get back to you soon.

Best regards!


- windylegend


Dear windylegend,


Yes. Thank you for uplifting msg about my item. Nice to know someone cares from over there. We hear stories of working conditions, that you can't discuss or even acknowledge, but is a deep concern for free men and woman the world over. Believe it. I sell, too; guitars I rescue with _your_ parts, but I am very small time, so far. As far as feedback goes I always give high marks, 100% because I know how hard it can be. But I WILL contact my seller/buyer if there is a problem, through a private msg, and let-them-have-it, if it was a great error. We are all ambassadors of eBay, worldwide, so if EVEN ONE of us conducts unscrupulously, we ALL look bad and eBay loses credibility, and we all will look for work, somewhere else. I refuse to allow this to happen; not that I am such a great force, but I am in tune with the "collective consciousness", of eBay, unseen. Now, THAT is some kind of power, eh?; a GOOD power. You feel it, too? I am not a big $$ maker, yet, but maybe this kind of "power" is better than money. I love rescuing and building guitars. Thanks


- phfobric


Dear phfobric,


Apprecaite for understanding , i couldn’t agree with you more

it is very nice of you

have a nice day



- windylegend


So you see this is how phfobe rolls, globally. Globally following our originals out on Jango, an Internet music service, promoting the "unsigned". I only sprekinzy Englais so my msgs to global Fans is a little daunting. I've invited them to the Facebook page and our website, but if I could send it simultaneously, in the different languages that would be sweet.

Nap time, but stop back by every now and then; every year or so. We'll be here, or we will return shortly!

Late. Peace out! Lov ya! Jai Guru

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