Moron Ancient Alienesque

Posted by phfobric on August 26, 2013 at 1:30 AM

Good day peoples

phfobe is coming off a sabbatical of sorts, the Thomas's return from the festive Pig Roast Reonion, er Reunion! It looked like a wild time to the folks at Bithlo Towers, as you basically have to go with "Road Kill of the Day" Street-pizza Dejor' 'round here! I know Dan nor Lynn would mind if you F/B'd them and check out the vacation photos! They sure are swell! We must find a way to stowaway next time!

No way am I giving up on the Ancient Alien banter. About a dozen years or so ago I had started the whole "phfobe, phfobric dealio" hatching on my Premier Site "Phfobricopeia Inc", complete with commentary on Music (mostly in the Rock, Alternative vein, with streaming originals) and, who I was referring to as the Ancients, and other metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, which I happen to take very seriously. I said we can't possibly call them "Aliens". The Universe, or the Multi-Verses (put "Theory of the Week" here!) are their "home"; our's, as well.

What chaps my ass is, I don't take kindly to Earthlings be whisked away against their will, and experimented on. The latest is, it is a deal between our covert gov't operators, and the f'ing Ancients, themselves, for genetic harvesting. And we in turn get new bits of technology, until digested, or "as the Ancient Alien Theorists believe", as they see fit to release it.

Now, I'd like to reiterate, these ARE topics that I re-brought up as there was quite a lull between Chariot of the Gods, and there being a regular presence of the Ancients, on TV, at last! JOY!

Before casting off for now, I will be rememebering articles taken from my first essays, from the old site and renewing them here and possibly on F/B, as I had established contact with the channel, and would like to put my two cents in. Cool. There are definitely sobering issues to share regarding Our Father, who art IN HEAVEN. All the secrets are hidden OUT IN THE OPEN.

I'll show you some of them. "How deep DOES the rabbit hole go ?" said Morpheus (from the movies, Matrix). How DEEP indeed....


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