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Posted by phfobric on April 16, 2013 at 9:35 PM

the frss here

My admission is I've stood on the shoulders of a very great human being, who passed on several years back, who introduced me to PCs when they were in their infancy. My first machine was an Amiga 500 with fucking WINDOWS!!! What was THAT!!

His name was Tony Travaglini, who became one of the Heads of the UCF Computer Science Department and held his esteemed position until cancer took him. But his Internet Metaphysics lives on in me. Deep in the Matrix lies the Ghost in the Machine. And I believe its tendrils may have its roots in the Sky. Everything else does.......

phfobe was a name picked by "the people". My screen name is phfobric; the first three letters, my initials in reverse, "phf", a sight "gag" that I used all the time with the heavy ffffff-sound; then, 'obric, an acronym for One BRaIn Cell (in the Internet brain. Spooky!). So when on-line fellow users chopped MY user name for ease, I used it for the name of the band.

We are writing songs that are not in the main stream (yet), but on close examination (what we do when we analyze music) are some different twists, different lyrical directions. You will not get rich playing the new stuff and they WILL see you on the Dark Side of the Moon, right? Waters and Gilmore were RIGHT! So was Syd, but he could not handle it. A Saucerful of Secrets, right? Google it

So phfobric begat Phfobricopeia, Inc, for some time, when I was running off at the keyboard. I had a free or cheap site where I begat the word "blurb", decades ago, and started to blog, before it had a name, about the ANCIENT ALIENS, a theory I (among hundreds) was lugging around since the Von Daniken books premiered, and in turn begat volumes and volumes that spill out of the B&N's everyday since. I postulated then that we could not call these beings "Aliens" (had to have been the late 80s. I really wasn't the first), because they had been around the Earth (Terra), "forever", our forever, and we are just recalling information as human knowledge expands. Whatever they looked like, our connection to them is ancient and way, WAY deeper, older...than human's can imagine, or are capable of imagining. Therefore, I said that I would refer to them as The Ancients from then maybe we all should. It sure explained a lot of song-and-dancing the history books have been doing since they opened schools and requested texts from which to learn. Who cared that tons of information was just ACCEPTED for what it was, until you looked closely, or started asking questions. The Old Schoolers were shunned until the evidence just became too overwhelming to deny.

After researching in different directions, and finding evidence virtually EVERYWHERE on Terra, it is kind of indisputable; debunkers falling all over themselves as they back-pedal their brains back into the1700s. There are MILLIONS of people who are in denial that we are spinning through space amongst the "Heavens", in the first place, so all the rest of this universal knowledge is buffered heavily in their consciousness. I mean if you dwell on it long enough, you get more interiorized, as meditators do, and the fear, stimulated by the Great Deep Unknown, is just THERE. Face it and it disappears into something else; A-w-a-r-e-n-e-s-s! G-o-d! and as a person, who has Faith, is an open vessel for Real Knowledge and it doesn't weigh anything. It just weighs on the ones who are trying to keep this to themselves, to stay anchored on the "ground"; that really isn't there anymore.

Anyway, I bring this up because the AA thing is nothing new to me/us and I've been carrying that torch a long time. Friends used to turn and avoid. And now it is legitimized by indisputable evidence and the hidden temples once hidden are finally being revealed, with a knowledge that finally allows us to understand the ancient texts, the mysteries, the hideous anomalies, of Terra's past, present and, as "her" inhabitants, we trepiditiously stare into an infinite future...

"whose center is EVERYWHERE and whose circumference is NOWHERE!"


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