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Posted by phfobric on April 16, 2013 at 9:15 PM

Totally over the deep end at my, frss's (now) favorite FBsite, and TV show, ANCIENT ALIENS. I the frss am still in FB exile so I post vicariously and at great peril to my personal safety (she don't like it too much) thru my beautiful wife, Donna. This exchange happened tonight andI just couldn't quit once I got started. I think I hear drones over the house. Definitely Black copters man!!!

And I quote, from the Ancient Alien FB page:

"Secretly I think there is HUGE potential for a spoof of you guys, SNL-wise. After showing a bit of a spoof of _the regular show_ and Theorists, they cut to commercials, one after another and EVERY THING "they" are selling links back to a Theorist, "Could Swiffers be a direct link to Extraterrestrials???" "Could Claritin have been a formula left by Extraterrestrials for humans looking for a Divine Cure from the Gods??" (Showing a stone inhaler going into an ancient statue's nose). Granted I, we, hubby, friends, hold your show, the Theorists, its ideals and conviction in the HIGHEST regard. AA information IF WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION can, could be, IS scary at times and a little SNL connection (since the show is VERY good, at this time cast-wise) might inject some humor into a rather "stone" sobering subject. hehe".

"One of the Egyptian Bas Reliefs with one of the Gods with the Dog's head wearing an apron and pushing a Swiffer. C'MON!!!"

"Fred Thomson in a silver suit imploring ancient civilizations to consider Reverse M'brane Mortgages on their worlds in their declining eras. SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP ME! Do you think the Russian "cauldron's" could reach this far???"

"Why didn't the "whites" (female, almond eyes, cover of Communion, males have round eyes, eyewitnesses have seen in weird suits; David Byrne from Talking Heads wore such a costume at T/H shows. No one knew why. I did.) break out a comedian when they asked Whitley, "How can we stop you from screaming?" CERTAINLY they are smart, but are they WITTY?? Don't tell me the Multi-verses are humorless places. I said don't tell me."

"I've heard that one Ten to the BAZILLIONTEENTH TIMES already!!!"

"Hubby's OBSERVATION.They all are. The slow moving Triangular Supermegawedgies moving s-l-o-w-l-y over cities remind me of school bus drivers who practice their routes before school begins. These things are beyond HUGE? Could hold a bunch of "passengers"? Where are we going? And when? Can I bring my guitar?"

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