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Posted by phfobric on July 18, 2012 at 8:00 PM

What follows is a brief discourse between a fellow ebear and myself regarding the distinguising factors between an ACTUAL EVIL Twin and a fucking Twin Reverb with the words "Twin Amp" on the control plate. Some are misled that the coveted "Red knob" Twin is the ONLY REAL EVIOL TWIN AMP. O Au Contraire my Pantalooned Harlequin. Yes, Fender, after grounding all the MOSFET Pro 185 (Stevie Ray Vaughn used them. So did I) and the Stage lines (why oh why oh whydid they really???), and weren't producing Twin Reverbs at all, suddenly revives the gasping Twin legacy, and flushes out a TUBED crrr-anking amp. Friend Scott Anderson bought one the first year it came out. We ooh and ahhed it as he displayed its charms and then he, uh, er uh NAILed me into the wall. Fucker was loud alright. IT seemed the only down-side was that Fender hadn't captured the concept of channel/swiching/stacking. Four inputs two split to the clean, two dedicated to the "channel switching" channel. Wee bit confusing, but other than that IT WAS LOUD!


Here is what this misinformed dude thinks he knows about Twins. HA!!!

This is a 1994 Fender Twin Amp Pro Tube Series,  Type PR-266

I have the original owners manual! Made from the mid to late 90's100 watt/ 2-12" speakers

I had first thought this was the evil twin but it seems that I was wrong, so here is the correction.

I have been reading a lot about the Evil Twin and this is not. The Evil Twin is the red knob before this one and is known as the unreliable amp or evil twin. The problems have been fixed and you get this very reliable version. Sorry if I confused you, but I needed to make the correction.

Pardon me. You may have started a small war. Any Twin ANY TWIN!! WITHOUT the tremelo is an EVIL twin. That is what made it so. And, when you see what I call a three button (EVIL) or four button (tremolo circuitry [in the far right "mixing section"] is a f'ing Twin REVERB. Remember them?) I've been playing Twins for forty years ( and your Twin, like mine, is the best EVIL twin they ever or will ever make. Wear that distinction proudly. Your amp QUALIFIES, and this is fron the source  I swears it, in '94 they started pumping out the 4-button Twin REVERBS with the words Twin Amp on the control plate. History will record this misnomer for eons to follow.



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