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January 4 Meeting Minutes


Extraordinary PAC meeting: One-Time Funding Allocation

January 4, 2006 at 6:45 PM

In attendance: PAC executive, representatives from the Music Society and Mini School executives, Bev Seed, Sue Inglis, and more than 30 parents. Recording Secretary: J. Speakman


  1. Welcome and introductions – Maureen Bayless  & Michael Baker (co-chairs)
  2. Background: Maureen explained that the Provincial Government had given the savings from the October job action to schools and school districts, with a very short time frame and a request that administrators involve teachers, staff members, and parents in the decision-making process. Maureen noted that while funds are always welcome, there was a feeling of sadness in the community over the origins of the money, which normally would have been teachers’ and staff members’ salaries.
  3. Election of Parent Representative: Brook Macey moved that Catherine Evans be elected as the parent representative to sign off on the final plan for purchases. Seconded by Gemma Grossi. CARRIED.
  4. Introduction of  Draft Purchase Plan: Bev Seed. Bev explained that the amount of money available to Point Grey had increased from $62,600 to a total of $116,256 just that morning, when the District informed schools that a portion of the District’s funds would be passed on to them. Of that, $19,809 must be allocated to Point Grey’s library. The final spending plan had to be signed off on by an administrator, teacher rep and parent rep by Friday. She described the series of meetings she’d had that day with teachers and the PAC co-chairs, and how the process had been highly consultative. Then she went over the list item by item, explaining the reasons for the purchases. She explained that preference had been given to textbooks in some cases, since they can never be purchased with other sorts of money, such as the PAC casino funds.
  5. Discussion: Brief discussion followed, with parents asking what items had not made the final list. Maureen noted that departments could place those items on the next PAC wish list.
  6. Motion: Catherine Evans moved that the PAC endorse the list of purchases subject to any minor adjustments that proved necessary. Seconded by Sharon Blair-Chow. CARRIED.
  7. Other Resources: Bev Seed informed parents that Point Grey had also been given 7 blocks of teacher release time, which would greatly benefit the school. She noted that some schools had received more than double that amount, but that as the blocks were given to relieve overcrowded classrooms, the fact that PG did not receive more blocks was a testament to the school’s good timetabling efforts.
  8. Motion: Brook Macey moved that the PAC send a letter to the Ministry of Education requesting a longer decision-making period for future funding dispersals. Seconded by Sharon Blair-Chow. CARRIED.
  9. Thank You’s: Maureen thanked Bev and teachers for giving so much consideration to parent input, and thanked  parents for coming out to represent different parent communities.
  10. Motion to Adjourn: A  motion to adjourn was made by Shandon Zetma. CARRIED. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM