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September PAC meeting minutes

Point Grey Secondary School PAC

Meeting minutes   7:15 Sept 20, 2005


Welcome and Introduction

Maureen Bayless welcomed parents to this first meeting of the year, and introduced the executive:

Chair                   Maureen Bayless

Past Chair                   Catherine Evans

Vice-Chair                   Gemma Grossi

Treasurer                   Fanny King

Secretary                   (awaiting a volunteer)

Members-at-large                   Sharon Blair-Chow

                   Janis Esau

                   Brook Macey

                   Perry Vong

                   Sandy Wong


Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda: Brook Macey, Sharon Blair-Chow. Carried

Student Council Report

Public relations representatives Megan Walsh and Rachel Snarch reported that at a meeting earlier that day, Student Council identified two major goals in planning the events and fundraisers for the year:

  • Having recently seen the Grade 8’s at camp becoming friends, the council wants all grades to come together in the same way.
  • Promotion of school spirit

Council is planning a “spirit week” in the next month to feature events each day. For example, a pep-rally, a dress-up day, a spelling bee. This year, three or more dances will be held, the first at Halloween. They noted that the “House” structure has now expanded to Grades 8 and 9.

BCTF representative

Sue Inglis the Point Grey teacher who serves as liaison between the staff and BCTF, was invited to speak about the potential teachers' job action. She reported that if the upcoming vote is in favour of job action, the actions chosen would focus on the employer; students would hardly notice. In contrast to some previous job actions in which extra-curricular activities were shut down, at this time any activity for which a teacher volunteers his or her time will not be affected. The BCTF does not want to alienate parents, so field trips, report cards and Grade 12 exams will not be affected. However, if these actions are ineffective, they may escalate.

Chair’s Report

Maureen Bayless welcomed parents to this first meeting of the year. She mentioned how the PAC can provide valuable input to the school and Vancouver School Board. It also supports the school community by fundraising and offering parent education and seminars. By building friendships between parents, we help each other to look after our students. Parents can keep informed about PAC activities from the school newsletter and the PAC website at www.freewebs.com/pgparents.  Parents were invited to use the distributed questionnaire to give their suggestions about what the PAC might undertake this year. Copies of the PAC Constitution were available for distribution.

Maureen thanked last year’s PAC executive. Many individual thank-you notes were received from teachers for the PAC’s contributions to the school community.

She also conveyed thanks from Mike Allina to the parents who helped with the recent Terry Fox Run. Mr. Allina reported $4800 in donations. He wishes to put together a group of parents who will assist the Athletic Department in various ways.

Parents were reminded about upcoming PAC-related activities:

  • Craft Fair / Community Fair / Book Sale [details below]
  • Grocery Coupons [details below]
  • Chinese-Language PAC meeting October 26 staff room and library, 7:15 PM
  • PointLine Student Directory

Principal’s Report

Bev Seed spoke of the “caring community” of Point Grey, how the support of so many active parents was valued. She reported there are 1310 students enrolled this year (up by 10). The many school clubs are in operation. Two hundred and fifty Grade 8’s attended the recent camp with the assistance of 50 Grade 11/12 students. As part of cultural exchanges, we will be hosting students from Japan and Austria this year. In April 2006, 38 music students will travel to Cuba. A $200 contribution by PAC has enabled seven students from Special Education to take a 13-week cooking class at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale. Recent funding cuts have especially affected Special Education.

Construction of the new field-and-oval project, begun two years ago, is underway. It has been agreed that field lighting will be turned off by 11:00 PM.

On Sept 21 at 7 PM information about Portfolio Assessment will be presented for the benefit of Grade 10 and 11 students and parents. Despite threatened job action, Parent walkabout will occur September 28. On October 6 The Story of Bob, which describes the events around the death of a Squamish lawyer in a neighbour’s houseparty-gone-wrong, will be presented in the auditorium.

Meetings of the School Planning Council are again being held. This group comprising parent, student, teacher and administrator representatives meets the last Monday of each month and is responsible for drafting and monitoring the annual School Growth Plan. The current SGP contains goals concerning Student Achievement and Social Responsibility.

Addition to the executive

Catherine Evans nominated Michael Baker to serve as PAC co-chair. Alan Bayless supported the nomination. Michael was elected by acclamation. Despite an appeal for someone to fill the position of secretary, no nomination was offered.

Grocery Vouchers

Sharon Blair-Chow reminded parents that information about the Grocery Voucher program had been sent home with students’ course information. The program consists of parents buying “gift certificates” for their own use at any of four stores/chains. The stores donate up to 10% of the face value of the certificates to the school.

Craft Fair and Book Sale

Coordinator Janis Esau reminded parents of the November 5 event. More than 100 crafters offer their goods for sale from 10 AM to 4 PM. Table rental and a small admission charge raise money for the school. Last year the book sale at this event raised $5000. Parents are asked to donate quality used books, records, or CDs for this year’s sale; contact Debbie (604.263.5190).  In addition, volunteers on the day are welcomed and needed; contact Stephanie (604.2673.8234) or Linda (604.731.8384). Janis encouraged parents to advertise the event by posting the red handbills that were sent to all.


At 8:30 Gemma Grossi moved that the meeting be adjourned. The next PAC meeting will be held in the staffroom at 7:15 PM on October 19th, 2005. Budget for the 2005-2006 year will be presented.

Grade-Group discussion

Following the meeting, parents assembled into grade groups for informal discussion.