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October PAC Meeting Minutes

Point Grey Secondary PAC Meeting

October 25th 7:15 PM



Minutes taken by Catherine Martin


  1. Welcome from Michael Baker and Maureen Bayless


  1. Motion to approve the minutes from the 2005 AGM was made by Fanny King and seconded by Sharon Blair-Chow. Carried.


  1. Staff Representative: Ms. Sue Inglis. Sue told parents that teachers recognized that the job action had been hard on students and said that they were doing everything they could to help students catch up. She said that teachers appreciated the support they’d received from parents and students during the strike, including messages, gifts of food, and visits. A parent asked Sue to ask the BCTF to find other ways of conducting negotiations than by carrying out illegal strikes. Bev Seed thanked Sue for her work and said that staff morale at Point Grey was very high because of Sue’s efforts.


  1. Teacher and Staff Appreciation Party: Maureen reminded parents that there would be a “Welcome Back, Teacher and Staff Appreciation Party” on Friday in the staff room, from 2:15 to 3. All parents, teachers, administrators and staff are invited, and parents are asked to bring finger food and snacks.


  1. Chair’s Report: Maureen Bayless.


    1.  The Pac Executive has agreed to give Mr. Allina $300 for stereo equipment that will serve the needs of the whole school.
    2. There are still copies of the student phonebook, The Pointline, available. Many thanks to Catherine Evans, Janis Esau and Brook Macy for their very hard work in making hundreds of copies.
    3. The PAC executive would like to thank the PG teachers for coming to Walkabout. At that time, several other schools cancelled theirs because of the BCTF job action.
    4. The PAC has a new website: www.freewebs.com/pgparents. A link to this site can be found on Point Grey’s website. Parents can use this website to find out information about: student enrichment opportunities, parent volunteer opportunities, important dates, community information, education advocacy, PAC meeting minutes, and answers to the questions parents ask during PAC meetings. It is updated daily.
    5. Langara is offering an information day for parents on Nov. 18th.
    6. BCCPAC membership: The PAC executive discussed this at length and decided to recommend against purchasing a membership in BCCPAC this year. The reasons were that: BCCPAC doesn’t seem to represent the views of Vancouver PACs very accurately and that Vancouver PACs have found it very difficult to put forward resolutions to BCCPAC. The executive feels that PG parents would receive little value from this membership. Maureen asked whether anyone disagreed with the executive’s recommendation, and there was no opposition to declining membership in BCCPAC this year.
    7. PAC Questionnaire: Approximately 50 PAC questionnaires were returned, and quite a few parents volunteered to help when needed. Parents said that they wanted the PAC to focus on (in declining order): Parent education seminars, education advocacy, providing volunteers for teachers who need them, providing enrichment opportunities for students, improving communication between PAC and parents, building community or providing social opportunities for parents, and fundraising. Our PAC website is geared towards these goals.
    8. PAC Secretary: The PAC needs a secretary.


  1. Budget: Fanny King. Fanny presented the 2005-2006 budget. A motion to accept the budget was made by Sharon Blair-Chow and seconded by Alana Korsunsky. Carried


  1. Report from the Administration: Bev Seed.  Bev thanked parents for their support during the strike. She reported that:
    1.  intramurals would be held next week
    2.  The Tragically Hip’s drummer, Johnny Fay, used Point Grey as a location to test different brands of drums.
    3. Thursday, Oct. 27th would be collaborative planning day.
    4. Lisa Agius would be on maternity leave for 3 months.
    5. The school was granted 2 more blocks of teaching time for Music and was posting a position for Band 9 and Senior Band.


  1. School Planning Council: Michael Baker. Michael described the duties of the SPC and reported that
    1. An addendum to the School Growth Plan containing 2004-05 year end exam results was prepared. [He incorrectly reported that this addendum was available at the VSB website. It is not.]
    2. The SPC is continuing to monitor the growth plan.
    3. Elections to the SPC will be held in November; there should be three representatives from the PAC. He invited people to stand for election.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Grocery Coupons: Distribution of grocery coupons was disrupted by the labour dispute, but grocery coupon purchasers have been contacted by phone.
    2. Craft Fair: Alana reminded parents that the Craft Fair & Book Sale would be on November 5th. Volunteers were needed for book sorting. Craft Fair lawn signs were distributed.


  1. 8:15: Motion to Adjourn:  Michael Baker moved to adjourn the meeting. CARRIED.