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Point Grey Secondary PAC Meeting

November 24, 7:15 PM



Minutes taken by Catherine Martin


  1. Welcome from Michael Baker and Maureen Bayless


  1. Motion to approve the minutes from the Sept 20 AND October 25 PAC meetings: Brook Macey. Seconded Sharon Blair-Chow. CARRIED.


  1. Motion to Approve Catherine Martin as Secretary of PAC: Fanny King. Seconded: Sandy Wong. CARRIED


  1. Report from Student Council: No report.


  1. Guest Speaker: Ms. Letourneau, Head of the Math Department. Ms. Letourneau gave parents a very thorough report about the Principles of Math program and the Essentials Math program. Principles of Math is for students who would like to continue to University, and is also required by certain trades. Modified Math (Essentials) is offered at the Grades 9, 10 and 11 level and is not for students who would like to continue to Post Secondary programs. Mrs. Letourneau said that  it is not possible to switch from Essentials Math back to Principles of Math. Students who had difficulty in Principles of Math 10 and want to continue with Principles of Math 11 have the option of taking a double block of Math in Grade 11, so that they have Math every day. She reported that there are also enriched (Honours) Math courses in grades 9 and 10 for students with exceptional Math abilities. As well, grade 7 students may take a test in May for placement in an accelerated 8/9 Math program. Ms. Letourneau also said that students can take AP Calculus after finishing Principles of Math 11 or 12, if they wish. Students who would like to continue into Science or Commerce at the university level would find Calculus very useful.            She also reported that students who enjoy a challenge in Math can participate in various Math competitions, such as the Euclid, Fermet, Pascal, Gauss and CNMC competitions. The dates for these competitions may be found on the school’s website (Math Department page ) or on the PAC’s website (Student Enrichment page), and students may ask Ms. Letourneau for more information.


  1. Guest Speaker: Ms. Sue Inglis , Staff Rep & Chair of Grad Awards Committee. Ms. Inglis gave a very detailed explanation of the Grad Awards Committee’s careful process of determining which students will receive awards each year. She reminded parents that information about awards is available in students’ agendas, starting on page 25. The teachers on the Awards are Sue Inglis, Theresa Wilson, Leslie Johnstone and Mr. P, and they work with  Lorna Ward, a Point Grey vice-principal. There are several types of awards, from certificates to Grad awards that carry a monetary value. The Awards Committee does a lot of “number crunching” to determine award recipients. All awards are given to students with good citizenship. Certificates are given to students for effort in athletics, Fine Arts, Service and Citizenship, and certificates build points towards Silver Greyhounds, Gold Greyhounds, Merit Pins and Platinum Awards. There are also Department awards for high achievers in Humanities, Languages, etc.


  1. Report from PAC co-chair, Michael Baker: Michael thanked Ms. Letourneau and Ms. Inglis for their presentations and noted that the information was very helpful to parents. He also reported that:

·        The Teacher and Staff Appreciation Tea that followed the strike went very well. Many parents brought baked goods or finger food, showed up early to set up, or stayed late to clean up. The event was enjoyed by all. Point Grey’s liaison trustee, Allen Blakey, dropped by to enjoy the party.

·        Brook Macey, PAC Member-at-Large, has agreed to act as Volunteer Co-ordinator.

·        Parents should check the PAC website frequently, as it is regularly updated and contains information in English and Mandarin for the PAC, PGMSS, Mini School, Safe Grad Committee, as well as information about student enrichment opportunities, photos of recent achievements, and grocery coupon forms. The address is: www.freewebs.com/pgparents. There is also a link to the PAC website on the school’s main webpage.


  1. Report on the School Planning Council: Michael Baker. Michael reminded parents that three members of the School Planning Council had to be elected by December. The elections normally take place in the November PAC meeting, but there were not yet enough volunteers. Maureen Bayless moved that the PAC hold an extraordinary PAC meeting on December 8, 2005, just before the Senior Winter Concerts, and elect three parents to the SPC at that time. Seconded by Gemma Grossi. CARRIED. Michael noted that the wish list could be approved at that meeting.
  2. Report from the Administration: Bev Seed. Bev echoed Michael’s comments about the Teacher and Staff Appreciation tea. She said that teachers felt respected and valued and that the school was “back in full swing”. She also reported that:
    1. Katie Tyzuk had won the Governor General’s Bronze Medal.
    2. The lights should be installed on the new field by the end of January, and the track was going to be upgraded to either 6 or 8 lanes.
    3. Six Point Grey Students volunteered with SPEC (The Society for Promoting Environmental Conservation) on November 30th, cleaning up litter in the Kerrisdale Community and along the tracks.
    4. Our music students performed well at the District Jazz Festival, which was hosted by Brent Taylor, and at the previous night’s Symphonic Band competition at Eric Hamber.
    5. Our Athletic Teams are doing very well. The Senior Boys’ Soccer team is participating in the Provincial Championships in Burnaby this week. The Senior Girls’ Basketball team is competing in the Provincial Championships in Richmond. The Senior Girls’ Field Hockey team is competing in the Provincials in Victoria. And the Grade 8 Boys’ Rugby team is leaving for Pender Harbour tomorrow.
    6. There is a new opportunity for Creative Writing students at BC. A PG grad and 3rd Year Creative Writing student, Robyn Goldsmith, will be working with Point Grey students under the supervision of Barb West.
    7. The Student Council is planning a week of wacky noon hour activities, called Noonapoolza, and they’ve scheduled their winter dance for November 30th.
    8. November 30th is also Grade 8 parent night. This night is organized by the Grade 8 counsellor, Anne Cliff.
    9. The Global Issues Club is sponsoring this year’s Food Bank Drive, and our school is competing with Gladstone, which normally gets 15,000.
    10. Report cards will go home November 13th and Parent-Teacher interviews will be January 12th, 2006.


  1. Committee Reports: Craft Fair & Book Sale: Janis Esau. Janis reported that even though the strike had prevented the committee from doing much advertising for the Craft Fair & Book Sale,  1500 people had attended the fair. Everyone had a good time, and Crafters gave very positive feedback. Vendors were especially enthusiastic about the student and parent volunteers.  This event raised an incredible $16,000. Janis thanked all the parents who volunteered (more than 100) and everyone who had turned out to make the day a success. She noted that students had offered childcare so that parents could browse the Book Sale.  Janis also reminded parents that the Craft Fair & Book Sale is a whole-school event, and there are many fundraising opportunities available.


  1.  Motion to Adjourn: Gemma Grossi. Seconded Sharon Blair-Chow. CARRIED.