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December 8 Meeting Minutes

Sty Wet Tan/Point Grey Secondary School PAC

Minutes of the extraordinary meeting  6:30-7:00 December 8, 2005


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Michael Baker.

Ten parents were in attendance, including the co-chairs Maureen Bayless and Michael Baker. Principal Bev Seed was also in attendance.

Election of Candidates for School Planning Council

The names of three members who are willing to sit on the School Planning Council starting in January 2006 were presented. They are:
Barbara Corbin
Catherine Evans
Grace Wuschke.

There were no further nominations from the floor. To comply with VSB recommendations regarding election of SPC candidates by secret ballot, ballots bearing these three names, with space for additional names, were distributed. Janice Brown volunteered to count the marked ballots.

The ballots showing ten votes for each of the three candidates are on record. Election was unanimous.

Purchase of Items on Departmental Wish List

A list of items which the PAC will purchase for various school departments was presented. The list totalling $31,900 was derived from the collected “wish lists” of each department. After short discussion, a motion to approve these purchases was made by Maureen Bayless and seconded by Janis Esau. The motion was carried with eight approvals and one abstention. The list is attached to these minutes. [Click for List in PDF format.] It is expected that further purchases will be approved in the Spring.

VSB Learning and Development Initiative

Ms. Bev Seed spoke briefly about the start of the VSB Learning and Development Initiative, of our school’s proposed selection as a research site, and requested any parents who are interested in participating to come forward. Sharon Blair-Chow volunteered to represent parents.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:59.  The next regular PAC meeting will be held in the staff room at 7:15 PM on Tuesday January 24, 2006.