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 We are pleased to announce the expansion of services for our residents in our rural fire district.  Plans are under way as we speak to build a Station 2 on a piece of property purchased by the Town of Pegram at the Intersection of Little Pond Creek Rd and Indian Springs Rd.  Negotiations are in the works but the County is going to fund and build the structure that will be known as Station 2 and they will also fund and provide an Engine Co. to be housed here as well.  We are very excited to be able to bring this service to our rural residents that should help lower insurance premium costs with a lower ISO rating and hopefully provide quicker response times as well.  Keep up with us on our Facebook page for any updates/progress on this project.



 Welcome to the official website of the Pegram Fire Department.  This website serves as the foundation for public information and social media for our organization.  This site can be used to learn the basic information about our organization such as our location, contacting us and in general what we are about.  This site is not updated as often as our official Facebook page.  Our Facebook page is updated on a regular basis.  It is used for public service and community announcements and the latest pictures and videos of incidents and other departmental events.  Click on the Facebook logo to be linked to our Facebook page.  Once there, be sure to "Like" our page so you can receive updates and posts from us in your Facebook news feed.



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Welcome to the Pegram Volunteer Fire Department's home page.  We are located at 308 Highway 70 in Pegram, Tennessee.  Pegram is located in Southeastern Cheatham County bordering Metro Nashville Davidson County.  We are owned and are a department of the Town of Pegram.  PFD is an all volunteer fire department and we currently staff 20 members 24 -7, including  A-EMT's and Emergency Medical Responders. 

 PFD's fire district consists of roughly 30 square miles and includes the Town of Pegram corporate limits and Pegram addresses outside the corporate limits.  PFD proudly  maintains an ISO rating of a 5/8B.  For more information on the Pegram Fire Department, please visit the rest of our site.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with our department, click on the Join Now tab at the top of this page.





Click link above to obtain a permit online or to obtain the phone number for the County where you will be performing the open burn.  Permits are free of charge but are required annually for any opening burning between Oct 15 and May 15. 






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Vehicle Extrication -1/25/13

 Pegram FD was paged to respond to a motor vehicle accident.  Upon arrival, Engine Co. 501 reported a one vehicle accident with one non-critical patient pinned.  Command called for Rescue Co. 531 and also an Engine Co. from Kingston Springs FDPatient was pinned by dash, steering column, and gas/brake pedals due to an intrusion from a concrete head wall on the driver's side door.  Amkus ram and spreaders were used to free the patient.  It took about 40 minutes to free the patient.  More Pics








Residential Structure Fire - 7/8/12

Pegram FD was paged to a residential structure fire.  Kingston Springs FD was paged for automatic aid.  Upon arrival of the first company, all occupants were out of the structure while heavy fire had consumed most of the single family dwelling.  Crews used a defensive attack and multiple hand lines to gain control of the fire.  Tankers had to shuttle water in from a good distance and a mutual aid tanker assisted from the Two Rivers FD.  The structure and contents were a total loss.  MORE PICS







 Residential Structure Fire - 6/28/12

Pegram FD was paged to a residential structure fire for  automatic aid with Kingston Springs FD.  Upon arrival of the first company, all occupants were out of the structure while fire had already consumed 1/2 of the 4000 sq. ft single family dwelling.  Crews used a defensive attack and multiple hand lines to gain control of the fire.  Tankers had to shuttle water in from a good distance and mutual aid tankers assisted from the Two Rivers and Fairview FD's. The structure and contents were a total loss.  MORE PICS









Train Fire -2/21/12

 Pegram FD was paged to a train locomotive on fire at the intersection of Thompson Rd Highway 70. Kingston Springs FD was also paged out mutual aid for an Engine Co.  Upon Engine Co. 502's arrival, they reported a small fire coming from the side of the locomotive.  Crews used a dry chemical extinguisher to quickly extinguish the fire.  Crews used ground ladders to access the top of the locomotive to check for fire extension.   No fire extension was found and after an inspection by CSX officials, train continued onto it's destination.  More.   







Woman Rescued from Burning Home

September 22, 2009, a woman was rescued from her burning home.  PFD responded automatic aid with the Kingston Springs Fire Department on a confirmed structure fire.  Engine Co. 502 was the first unit to arrive on scene from PFD.  Soon after entering the structure, the IC confirmed one victim still inside.  Lt. Fennell and Engineer Stanley split off from the attack team and conducted a primary search.  They located the victim in the master bedroom.  The woman was unconscious but was still breathing on her own.  To read the entire article from our local paper, The South Cheatham Advocate, click page 1 and page 8  to be linked to two seperate PDF files that you can open up and zoom in on to read the full story.






Pegram FF's Honored for Rescue

At the October 2009 meeeting of the Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the two Pegram Firefighters that saved the life of a woman from her burning Kingston Springs home, were honored for their pure bravery and heroic actions.  Chief Brent Stuart presented Lt. Michael Fennell and Engineer Nathan Stanley with Heroic Awards on behalf of the Town of Pegram and the PFD.  After this, State Representative Phillip Johnson then presented both men with a proclomation from the Tennessee House of Representatives and the State Senate.  You can read the entire article from our local newspaper, the South Cheatham Advocate, by clicking page 1 and page 8 to be linked to 2 PDF files that you can zoom in on to read.