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Related music history




Related Music history

In 1977 and 1978 the experimental groups Bernard Jenkins and Armada was "playing around" in Nässjö Town and these two groups became the platform of what later on should be the Rottweiler band, when Håkan Schüler from Gollywog and Lars-Göran Bäck from Bäck & Bölja, joined the Johansson´s brothers and formed Rottweiler in early 1979.



Armada crew 1978

Per-Erik Johansson – Guitar / Paul Forell – Drums / Bengt Johansson – Bassguitar / Ted Sandstedt - Vocals


Vinyl-, Tape- and CD Recordings :

Only one vinyl Collection LP with three local bands was made, ”Railroad” MFP-001, produced in Starek Studio, Växjö.


The recorded songs were:


Älgen armada/ARMADA - algen.mp3 ( instrumental )

Introvertilitet armada/ARMADA - introvertilitet.mp3

Långt långt borta armada/ARMADA - langt langt borta.mp3 



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