PencilLeadWorks (Original and Re-Creations)

I can do anything u would like of Original Work from my Art Skills
and also re-creations with some artistic flair

The Artist

Click to add text, images, and other contentMark Stanley


He originates from the Windy City and he with his Parents travels along all the way to the West Coast; settlement is established and cultivation of the boy into a Man is began in the Brim and Brew of Southern California; City of the Angel’s and he develops and elevates his artistic skills and trues. Diversion and Separation from the norm is not or should not be his forte, and certainly will not be a descriptive of his work Today


He comes from Good Stock and Grand Ambitions. Many Dreams come from a many of the artist in this City and Local; yet something Special has been born and breed into the Hand and Eye of Mark. Call it Nevue;  but for sure his strokes and shading and hues give life and substance where other flat markings would just lie on the medium. After so many changes in his life and finding what works for him. He has grace the world with some of his cool and beauty at Pencil LeadWorks.


If some of his Art grabs your attention and brings your mind's eye to appreciate and wonder what else might he draw upon from his many abilities and skills, please contact the site administrator and your request and inquiry will be addressed quickly and with professional details.