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WANTED: Aphonopelma Seemanni recently matured male 


~ Member of the BTS~

No: 4709

I feel lucky in my life that I have been able to own many different pet's from reptile's to rodent's, from bird's to fish ... but there has always been a constant craving to be involve in the world of tarantula's.

Spider's have held a fascination for as long as I can remember and I think they will forever have me in their spell of pure delight and wonder.

No; they are not the pet that you can stroke and to be honest, I personally feel that may be they are better left unhandled too, but there is not a pet more easy to keep, but yet so interesting in it's habit's then a tarantula.

They do not smell, they do not make a noise, they do not need feeding every day, they do not need walk's or their smelly messy litter tray cleaning out ... They are PERFECT!

All they ask is to be fed, to be researched before bought, to be kept warm, watered and undisturbed to live their life's while we live ours around them.

They are not scary, hairy man killer's.

They do not go out of their way to harm us or menace us; believe me, all they want to do is keep out of our way.

Please, look through my web site with an open mind, see pass the bristle's, the eight long legs, fangs and see the beauty of the colour's and the wonder of their fragile bodies ... and think that they were here long before man ever put a foot on the planet!!

Updated: 19th June 2008