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Mrs Harris has been working with me for over a year. She is a very precise, hard-working and reliable person. I recommend her to anyone who seeks a professional proofreader.

Lucie Travnikova, Polyglot, Prague.




Pearl is a real pearl!

I would just like to say that I've been cooperating with Pearl since August, 2007 and she has proved to be an extremely helpful, qualified as well as friendly proofreader, willing to work overnight, if needed, to deliver top quality in time. The texts Pearl made perfect include various projects for Czech universities and institutions, many web pages (e.g. of the National Museum in Prague) and countless articles for Statuss and TopLiving Magazines. If you are looking for someone who will polish raw stones into gemstones, Pearl must be your first choice!

 Viktor Horak, translator and owner of the

BonaLingua Translation Agency


 Pearl Harris has been proofreading for the PP Agency s.r.o. since March, 2008.

PP Agency is one of the Czech Republic's  publishers of economic information focusing on the interests of foreign readers - businessmen, managers, investors. In this area, the PP Agency's publishing strategy is geared to providing economic information in its bimonthly journal "Czech Business and Trade", its publication "Doing Business in the Czech Republic", the territorial publications, the information server etc.

Mrs. Harris always provides us with accurate proofreading, usually before the deadline.  I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a conscientious and reliable proofreader of English texts.

Jaroslava Bradová
         Pearl Harris is a professional! It was a pleasure working with her. She delivered her work one week earlier than expected. The communication was very good. She answers every e-mail within hours and communicates in a clear and easy way. The work she delivered was more than I expected. I hope to work with her again in the near future.

David Luzsi (Muenich, Germany)

In 2007, I entrusted Pearl Harris, together with her husband, Dr. Ian Harris, with the important task of proofreading my linguistic treatise in English, entitled The Yeniseian Languages of the 18th Century and Ket and Sino-Tibetan Word Comparisons.  This work was subsequently published in the Central Asiatic Journal 52 (2008) 2, pp.219-305  by Harrassowitz Verlag, edited by Giovanni Stary.The proofreading of this text was an extremely complicated and laborious task, requiring extreme accuracy and attention to detail, a task which Pearl and Ian undertook in a most professional manner, in record time. I was delighted with the result of their work.  I can highly recommend either Ian or Pearl Harris for the proofreading of any English text,
in particular texts of an academic nature.

 Kamil Sedláček Ph.D. M.Sc.(Econ.)

 (Kamil Sedláček (born 1926) is a prominent Tibetologist and comparative Sino-Tibetan linguist, author of numerous linguistic treatises in a lifetime of linguistic research.  In 2010 Dr. Sedláček was awarded the Josef Dobrovský Memorial Medal of Honour by the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, for his distinguished achievement in Sino-Tibetan languages.)


   I could not be happier with Pearl's work. I needed feedback on a book-length project and she gave me exactly what I was looking for, as well as suggested fixes that were spot on. This involved a huge amount of text and frankly, I don't know how she managed to turn it around so quickly. If six stars were allowed, Pearl gets a six.

I give her my strongest recommendation and will definitely use her services again.                    

Mike Mears

BS (United States Military Academy, West Point), 

MBA (Harvard Business School).

  • Consultant to Intelligence Community senior leaders
  • Chief of Human Capital, CIA
  • Turnaround specialist for GE
  • Senior VP GE Investments
  • President of a Fast Food company
  • Started up 11 companies
  • General's aid
  • Decorated Vietnam veteran
  • Author of: Elements of Leadership and Life: a guide to building trust
  • and Hidden Leaders: ordinary people with extraordinary traits.

Mears Consultants

Vienna, VA 22182




             I am most thankful to Pearl Harris for proofreading my texts! Not just that she makes the best out of them, she is also extremely quick and fun to work with. I could not be more satisfied and would like to give her my best recommendation.

  Ana Kladnik,

PhD. candidate at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


 For 5  years already, our translation agency - I.L.T.S. Praha s.r.o. - has been collaborating with Mrs Pearl Harris as a proofreader of English texts. Her professionalism, excellent and expeditious work is a guarantee of maximum satisfaction, both for our agency and, in particular, for our clients. We can sincerely recommend her helpfulness and readiness.

 Markéta Frajtová

 I.L.T.S. Praha s.r.o.  Language & Travel Services

Services in 40 Languages


Tel: +420 222 250 233      Fax: +420 222 250 243

GSM: 774 015 010


Our agency has been working with Pearl Harris for 7 years. She belongs to our best co-workers as far as proofreading in English is concerned. 

We highly appreciate especially her professional attitude to work, her preciseness and punctuality.

Pearl Harris is an open-minded and a very nice person.

  GlobalTranslations, s.r.o.

Politických vězňů 14/915,  Pasáž Jiřího Grossmanna - 110 00 Prague 1

Tel: + 420 224 239 515       Cell: 725 712 655



I have been cooperating with Pearl Harris since the year 2007. She has proof-read several of my manuscripts from the field of Social Sciences, which I was able then to successfully publish in notable scientific journals. The revisions that she did for me, have always been fast, but at the same time careful and thorough - moreover, at a good price.

 Mgr. Ing. Lukáš Zagata, Ph.D.
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Faculty of Economics and Management
Kamýcká 129
165 21 Prague 6 – Suchdol


I worked with Pearl  Harris on two larger (about 120 and 50 pages) and a number of smaller projects. Her proofreading was always very thorough and careful. Pearl was also very flexible and co-operatiove as far as deadlines were concerned, which were, especially with the larger projects with very tight deadlines, not at all trivial. Besides, Pearl is a very friendly and kind and working with her is a pleasure.

 Zdeněk Hartmann

Mgr. (M.A.) Translation and Interpreting, Mgr. (M.A.) Medieval History

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.



Regular English proofreading for: – a new website (in Czech and in English) in the area of Social Sciences, focused on studies of the rural society. It is led by young scientists and provides an overview of institutions, organisations and experts in the field, information about activities connected with research on rural development, links to publications, invitations to conferences and other news from the scientific community.
The website is led by PhD students and members of the Department of Humanities of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. 



The proof readings of Ms. Pearl Harris are excellent. She works very
quickly, responsibly and is able to understand and correct every
language shortcoming in texts of non-native speakers. I was really
grateful to her help.

Professor PhDr. Ing. Věra Majerová, CSc.
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague


With regard to the proofreading by Ms. Harris, I appreciate especially her speed, clarity of  repairs and helpful attitude. Collaboration with Ms. Harris, I can really recommend to everyone who needs correction of English texts.

Ing. Sálus Jiří

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague


    I found the perfect editor. Pearl Harris has an excellent command of English and her work was exceptionally professional.I was impressed with the speed my book was edited and that her service was so reasonably priced. Her diligence and creative ideas polished my manuscript to much smoother reading.  I can definitely recommend her services.

Ulma Ruzicka  - Czech Republic


I can only recommend Pearl! She has proofread many of my translations and our customers were always happy! She is very easy to work with, fast and efficient. She is also a very good English teacher! :)

Helena Horakova, BA  -  

Malmö, Sweden


                           I personally asked Mrs. Pearl Harris for proofreading of my research articles, which I usually publish in impacted American journals. Her service was always very fast and very professional. I would really like to express my gratitude to her.

Pavel Izak, PhD, DSc

Head of E. Hala Laboratory of Separation Processes
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals 

of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Rozvojova 135 -165 02 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420-220390204      Fax: +420-220920661


  Thank you very much for cooperation. It is significantly better than before.

I couldn't write it that well in Czech!


Edward William Rake -  author of  "Tears in Bohemia"


 Thank you, the corrections are impeccable and useful.

I would like to thank the proofreader and I am gladly saving the final text.

Jiří Brodský
Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Denmark
Ryvangs Allé 14-16, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø


Very last-minute, we were looking for a proof-reader for one of our papers. I found Pearl through Google, so I was a little concerned about her reliability at first. To my big surprise and satisfaction, Pearl was able to deliver within 4 days, 3 days before the agreed deadline. Her work is precise and the text was ready to be published. We will for sure be cooperating with Pearl again!

 Gabriela Gaudlová

Project Manager Central Europe and Baltic States 

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, 


 As a translator from Czech to English and vice versa, I have worked with Ms. Pearl Harris on several proofreading projects for about 2 years. Besides some smaller projects, Pearl carried out proofreading of my translation of an extensive historical publication on religious history, but she also proofread my translation of a collection of poems. I very much appreciate her professionalism, perfectionism, grammatical and stylistic knowledge, as well as her experience with book editing. It is obvious that Pearl loves her job, has a complex attitude towards to it, and performs each project with enthusiasm and commitment. Communication with Pearl is always quick and excellent. I especially appreciate the fact that I can discuss every little detail with her, and she always patiently explains everything to me.

Therefore, I sincerely recommend the proofreading services of Ms. Pearl Harris.

Mgr. Zuzana Vrbová




 Thank you very much to Ms. Pearl Harris for the very good and professional proofreading of my cover letter within a short time. I would definitely recommend her.

Honza S.


Dear Pearl,

I would like to thank you for the excellent job.

(see the Czech web page for recommendation in Slovak) 

 Mgr. Bc. Michael Beno

Tyrolia, Export

HTM Sport GmbH

A-2320 Schwechat, Tyroliaplatz 1, Austria 

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