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John L. Hoogland


Dianne A. James


John Hoogland is a professor of biology at The University of Maryland, and has been studying the ecology and social behavior of prairie dogs under natural conditions for the last 33 years.  He studied black-tailed prairie dogs at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota for 16 years; then studied Gunnison’s prairie dogs at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona for 7 years; and then scrutinized Utah prairie dogs at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah for 10 years.  John has recently initiated long-term research with white-tailed prairie dogs at The Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado.  His two most important publications are The Black-tailed Prairie Dog (University of Chicago Press, 1995) and Conservation of the Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Island Press, 2006). 




More information about John’s research is available on his website http://www.al.umces.edu/cvJohnHoogland.htm -- Click “Research Interests”.





Dianne James has been an active participant in relocation of black-tailed prairie dogs in the Denver area, and has contributed significant efforts toward scientific research into the behaviors, anatomy, physiology, and epidemiology of prairie dogs.  She is proactive in her approach as she advocates for all five species of prairie dogs and is involved in prairie dog education and public outreach.  She is supportive of legislation that promotes the preservation of prairie dogs and their grassland habitats, and she generously serves in the role of consultant, answering hundreds of questions about prairie dogs for lawmakers, administrators, veterinarians and curious naturalists.  Dianne founded the Midwest Prairie Dog Shelter, Inc. and has welcomed countless prairie dogs into her home for rescue and rehabilitation and is more than willing to answer many of your questions about caring for prairie dogs.  Her passion for prairie dogs has effectively spread throughout the communities she is a part of. 


A collection of photos, links and information regarding the plight of the prairie dog is available on her website Prairie Dog Lover's Burrow.




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