XarOfFlame's PBW Games


Frostfire Iceryme

Name: FrostFire Iceryme
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Nation: Grakstad
Aspect: Fire
God: Obaai

Background: From the extreme northlands of Frozen Grakstad. Frostfire was born with fire in her blood, and as such proved very useful to her clan. Starting with the ability to kindle fires with but a glance and a snap of her fingers, she gained in power and control with every year of her life. Later, she also found power in the absence of fire, in the ability to freeze enemies with a gesture and a word, the power of the wind and air. Even without her great magical ability, the fire within her remains.

Description: Tall and slender, Frostfire dresses in white, a perfect compliment to her painfully pale complexion. Only her eyes, a bright, cat-like gold, and her naturally ruby lips bring color to what would otherwise be like a stretch of unbroken snow.

Nikko the Red

Name: Nikko the Red
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Nation: Froshel
Aspect: Earth
God: Callar

Displayed an affinity for earth work at an early age.  Was apprenticed to a local earth mage until his skills surpassed his teacher.  Then he was shipped off to Nrostrel, to study under masters of earth magic.

He always pushed himself beyond his own limits, so learned quickly, and impressed the Monarchs.  He was given a place of honor in the captial, but hardly ever stays there.  

He prefers the more simplistic life among his own clan.  And they prefer him there, because of the added status his clan can maintain with his presence.

Description:  Average height.  Neither tall nor short.  Wild red hair with a small but bushy beard.  He has stern brown eyes.

Seleucus The Executioner

Name: Seleucus the Executioner
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Nation: The Island nation of Gralt
Aspect: Binding (Secondary - Air)
God: A powerful Demon

BACKGROUND: Born a slave, raised a gladiator from a very young age. Seleucus is brutal, and knows all the tricks of the trade. Without honor, or friends, he has carved a path out of human flesh, to attain freedom, and a measure of renown. He was long sought after as a hired blade, to humiliate, cripple or kill those that have angered the wrong people, though a large enough purse would bring him into the arena. As the gladiator the fans love to hate, he packed the house most every night, as the Mage/Warlord of the land, he fills the coffins too.

Set Abominae

Name: Set Ambominae
Age: ??? Unknown due to his form
Sex: Male
Nation: Unknown - Probably Nemmul
Aspect: Corruption
God: He serves the cause of the artifact, to destroy mankind

Once, uncountable years ago, was Set born into this world. He was a carefree and reckless child, always looking to the next horizon, and a hidden power lay deep in his heart. For should the circumstance arrive he would become something greater than that what he was at the time. So his parents shielded him, knowing this full well. As he grew hebecame colder, and he knew he was different, for a whisper always filled his heart. He became a wanderer, with no cause, until he found an artifact, a staff, it was rusted, but looked valuable. He took it in his hand, and then he could feel the power flow through him. The venom of mankind infected him, unleashing his darker side. His true name rose, and he forgot his old name. Now he was Set Abominae, Child of the Wicked, and Harbinger of Fate. His cause was the fall of mankind, and the rise of a long forgotten people, known as the Setian. Long before any had come they had been here, wasted away into history, forgotten until now. He was their messiah. Whether this was true, or whether it was the illusions of a diseased mind, none know. But he now wanders the desert, waiting for the time to exact fate.

Set Abominae is a creature wrapped in bandages, and ragged clothing. His eyes glow with an unholy power, and this once Nummel human, now something greater. He believes himself a god that walks the planet, and has the power to prove it to those who have never seen true magic. None know whether this is true, and to many Set is but a myth, a desert tale. Those who claim to have seen him up close become violent, and soon start to fight amongst each other, or they fall dead within days for no apparent reasons.

 And now as Set Abominae stands before you, you must wonder, whether this is a myth to be feared...


Name: Surreal Vi
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Nation: Sablian
Aspect: The moon
God: Obaai

 Surreal is the natural heir to the throne of Sablian. From a rich line of tradition, her family dates back before the war and has since survived the throne. Sheltered and protected her entire life, Surreal lives excluded from the towns people and is only allowed to attend certain town events where she can be the trophy of the Kingdom. An impressive family, her father’s best friend is the magician responsible for the magical advancements within the community. There has been much celebration within the Kingdom. However Surreal is of an unnatural beauty, that comes from her part-Elven mother who died in childbirth. As a result she is sought after by most males in the kingdom, most men lust after both her voluptuous body as well as her incredible wealth. Her own talents are not limited either with her abilities to control the movements of the moon only the start of her range of magical talents.