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For the casual passerby to this website, I am sure you are wondering... what is this game anyway?  How does it work?  Can I play?   Amongst other questions.

First, The Tower is not played through this website.  This is just the information website that is the companion to the actual game.

Second, the game itself is a Play-By-Post game.  This means that it is played via a Forum or Message Board system in which the players and Administrator(s) roleplay by alternatively making posts.  Its similar to doing tabletop RP such as D&D, but slower.  It is similar to playing Play-By-Email, but faster.

To play, you must have an account at www.PlayByWeb.com .  It is a free site that runs nonprofit and allows RPers to come together from all around the world to RP together.

Create an account, then either (A) search for the game in the available category selections, or (B) go to the Forums and post there asking where you might be able to find The Tower.

Thank you for visiting!

~Admin of The Tower

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The Brief Background

You are a mage of high standing and power within your kingdom. Or... you were. Whether you once held this power by natural talent, aged wisdom, powerful artifact, godly blessing, all amongst any manner of reasons... you have been stripped of that power.

Some of you were sleeping, some attending court, some in taverns, some with loved ones, others maybe even on warfronts... but no longer..

A bright FLASH and a crack of thunder followed the lightning bolt that came out of the clear sky. It struck you where you stood, flashing a prism of colors in your vision. When you awoke, you were in a stone chamber, with only the lighting of a torch or two, you look around you. Its cold. A plate with some bread and a cup of water lies untouched beside you. But more chilling yet, the familiar warmth, that familiar spark of that was your source of unbridled power... has vanished. You still possess a little of your talent. You find basic control of elemental powers, but even then, only two of those.

A whisper welcomes you...

Magus. Welcome to my Home. There is only one way out of this place.

The door to your stone cell then opens up to a deep darkness. Your freedom?...

I have a feeling you will be here for a long, long time...


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The Crystal Realm

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