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Final Fantasy IV: The Archons



Ten years ago, a small group of heroes saved the world from a great darkness.  Their journey took them from the surface of the world, into the depths of the world, and then to the reaches of the far second moon (now lost) itself.  Their tale is filled with intrigue, magic, alien powers and technology, and of course interlaced with the mystery of the eight crystals.  So long is their tale and so fantastical, that I will not tell it here.  For this is not their tale, it is yours.  They saved the world from an external darkness, from an evil that threatened to extinguish all life.  However, that which is the greatest threat is usually right before our eyes, so close that it cannot be seen.  The tale of the Crystals has only just begun.  The Prologue has been written, the setting set by Cecil and his crew that came before.  And now a new evil is arising.  One so subtle that even now, none know of its existence.  Come, take up your sword, your harp, your spells, your claws.  Step out into the world, and embrace your destiny written... even at the founding of the world itself.

The Archons have risen!


Storyline and Game Management - XarOfFlames

Some of the rules/worldbook from Zodiac system

Some of the rules/worldbook from Returner Headquarters 

Player Resources

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Character Generation

The Nations

There are eight primary nations on the surface world.

1. Baron
2. Mist
3. Elban
4. Fabul
5. Mysidia
6. Damcyan
7. Toroia
8. Silvera

There are primary settlements in the underground world.

1. Lalihome
2. Tomra
3. Agart (though actually on surface)


Capital: Baron City
Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
Rulers: King Cecil Gavalis and Queen Rosa Gavalis

The nation of Baron is one of the most prosperous and important lands in the world at the present. Its economy is strong, and it conducts trade with a great number of other nations. It is rich in timber, metals, gold, and other natural resources, making it an excellent place for farmers, miners and woodcutters to live.

Baron is renowned for several things: First and foremost is its monarch, King Cecil Gavalis. He is known worldwide as one of the world's greatest swordsmen, and is a kind, just and wise ruler. He is also the world's first paladin, and is the only known wielder of the mighty Crystal Sword, a sacred blade that he received upon the Second Moon.

Baron is also renowned for its drastic character change fifteen years ago. Formerly, under the rule of the imposter Kainazzo, it was a vicious, brutal nation that would not hesitate to use its great airship and army to get what it wanted from other nations. He also caused a terrible financial mess, which left the country's coffers nearly empty and the citizens on the brink of revolt.

Kainazzo's brutal repression lasted two years, in which he repressed the people of his country terribly, and used the country's vast wealth and army to attack Crystal-possessing countries and take these priceless gems. One such raid occurred in Mysidia, in which Cecil, then a Dark Knight, took the Crystal of Water back to Baron. Kainazzo also raided Damcyan for the Fire Crystal and Fabul for the Air Crystal.

Baron had been left in a horrible financial mess when Cecil took the throne, as Kainazzo wasted vast fortunes on his own personal appetites and luxuries. Massive debts were owed by the crown, and the people, having had quite enough of repression, were on the verge of revolt.

However, after Cecil and Rosa assumed the throne, he appointed a brilliant young mathematician named Ivern Parazzen as Minister of Finance, and also, to aid in restoring the confidence of the people in the government, drafted a constitution to limit his own powers and give the people various civil rights which could not be revoked. These and other measures, including peace treaties with Fabul, Eblan, Toroia, Damcyan and Mysidia, helped to rejuvenate Baron's economy, which in turn generated revenue to rebuild the depleted fleet of airships which had been used by the forces of Zeromus in the Crystal Wars.


Government Type: Democracy
Ruler: Mayor Rydia Timernda and Michael Timernda Carscapool

This place is the home of Summoners. Almost all those who wish to pursue the craft either come here for training or are born here. It is a small town, with little in the way of money, or things to buy, and its population was reduced severely after a fire 10 years ago. However, they have rebuilt, and Mist is now on the rise again.

The people here are usually friendly, but sometimes suspicious of Baronians, but not hostile to them. However, Baronians are sometimes watched suspiciously. If they make a wrong move, they may be in for serious trouble. They have several good shops, but most merchants do not visit here, simply because of a lack of major income among the people, who are mainly self-sufficient.