Adventures in Consciousness



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Gnostic Cosmology

 Here we explore all dimensions of Gnostic teaching and commentary on Gnostic writings such as the Gospel of Thomas.

Discussion on the Afterlife

The Reality of the Afterlife and its implications on theological beliefs - an exploration into the research of consciousness beyond the body/brain, spirit-communications about the Afterlife and how these findings relate to the religious beliefs we have on earth - providing the opportunity to re-evaluate our views.

The Afterlife and spirit-communications from beyond  

Extra-terrestrial Theology

Explore spiritual teachings from Extra-terrestrial sources, contactees and telepathic mediums, which share universal principles of all life and creation, all things inter-connected within the Infinite One Spirit-source.


Explore the essence of Taoism and follow a commentary on the sacred text, the Tao Te Ching. The Tao is that universal principle of Life, rhythm of Nature, eternal Spirit, Living Soul that enlivens the whole of Existence. In humility, we surrender to the Tao and allow it to govern, guide and lead us into its profound wisdom, divine mystery and serenity of being.

Divine Science

Studies in 'spiritual science' from the particular schools pioneered by Malinda Cramer and the Brook Sisters in the latter 19th century, also including the greater genre of New Thought teaching including 'Religious Science' and 'Unity'. This school holds to the pre-eminence of the Infinite Spirit as Omnipresent, all-pervading and all-encompassing, covering the mental and spiritual laws of Existence, the fundamental principles of Spirit. 'God' is Light, Love, Spirit, Truth. Let us expand consciousness in 'divine knowledge'.

Divine Science Forum