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We live on a farm in South Ayrshire, Scotland. We have been rescuing animals for many years (doesn't time fly!). The majority of these stay with us for life due to the fact they have had issues, this meant they needed consistency and the love and appreciation that we can offer. Up to now we have been self funding the animals, offering them the best life possible, they are all well fed, happy and have the best in veterinary care.

In order to expand and to enable us to take in more animals we are putting some of the long term resident animals up for sponsorship, this will allow you to have the enjoyment from them as well. You will receive quarterly updates and photographs of your chosen animal, you can even come and visit them if you are in the area. You can also become a friend of Park Farm Animal Sanctuary.

This is an ideal gift for someone that enjoys animals and wants to help them and see regular updates. There are a number of different animals that are available some of the more unusual ones include goats, lambs and calves and chinchillas which are rescued and will remain with us for the rest of their days. Check out the Sponsor an animal page.

We need help from the general public as we receive no formal sponsoring from businesses or other income apart from our sales on ebay, car boot sales and collectors fairs, as well as the lovely people that sponsor animals, without this funding we are limited to the amount of animals we can take. Please help in any way you can, there is no set amount to sponsor an animal, it can be as little or as much as you like. It's your choice.

We also sell on ebay, click on the link to see if there is anything of interest, all proceeds go to help the animals 100%

You can also donate via paypal, all you need to do is log into paypal and send money to the following email address  every little helps, if we can claim gift aid from it just add that into the message you send, 28p in a £ soon mounts up.

We can also offer a service in finding the animal you require. I have a number of contacts in the animals world that can help me find the animal you are looking for. Just email with the details.

Donations are also welcome of pens, hutches, fencing, farm equipment, old trailers, anything you think would be of use. Preferably in Northern England or Scotland as travelling too far from home defeats the object. You can also make a donation if you wish.

If you have an animal that you are having a problem with and need to re-home, or need help or advice with an animal, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see how we can help you.

We home check all the homes animals are re-homed to, and then do a couple of follow on checks to ensure the animals are happy and suited to the owner. The majority of the animals stay at the santuary for one reason or another, however there are the odd ones that are sure to settle and be happy in another environment and give the new owners lots of pleasure.




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