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Posted by Jennifer McFarling on April 23, 2011 at 9:52 AM

It's that time of year when the humans start to get out the baskets full of chocolate and stuffies and won't let the pups near it! Torture!!

This year, I asked for an Easter Basket of my own -- full of Milk Bones (instead of milk chocolate), balls (instead of Easter eggs) and stuffies (because the world needs to de-stuffed, one bunny / squirrel / bear at a time). :/

I realized as soon as I asked for my own Easter Basket that it COULD have been a mistake. After 3 years of walking around on this planet with these people, a dog starts to know what's up.

For instance: you KNOW the silly humans have to get their cameras out whenever there's a holiday or if they find some goofy prop for us to sit next to. The last I heard, Easter was not only a holiday, but I recall previous years when they found silly bunny ears and made me and Daisy sit like this:

Or this:

Ooookay. So yeah, suddenly I was thinking this might not have been the best idea...

They say golden retrievers are pretty smart.


Can you guess what happened next???

Yeah, that's right. They took us out -- IN PUBLIC, NO LESS -- dressed us up in bunny hats and bonnets, and started clicking away.

My poor friend, Daisy!!! "Hold the basket," they said. Yeah, with that delicious-smelling retriever roll just inches from her nose. I don't know how she did that!!

Did I mention we have a guest staying with us at our house? Yeeeeeeeah.

This can't end well for poor Diego, either. Poor guy, I should have warned him...

Hmm, well at least they spared him any bunny ears! (Hey, did he get a rubber duck in his basket? Hold up...)

And then it was my turn....

You know after all my years of doing this, I decided I might as well just have fun with it. So here's my official Easter Picture.

I call it -- 'Hangin' with my Peeps'


For more ridiculous I mean, adorable photos, check out the photo section. :P


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Reply The Zoo
6:47 PM on April 26, 2011 
aint you a cutie Parker. we hope you had a great Easter. youre a good sport.
Reply Michelle
12:42 AM on April 27, 2011 
Parker and Daisy are sooooo adorable!! :)
Reply Michelle
12:42 AM on April 27, 2011 
Parker and Daisy are sooooo adorable!! :)