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A young lady named Samantha drives through a desolated street and she is asked to suddenly stop. A few seconds later the car in front of her crashes with an unexpected driver who skipped his light. Sam cannot explain what saved her from that crash, but she is grateful and wants to learn more about it.

Samantha is writing personal notes on her laptop when suddenly the most incredible words flow as she would be guided by an invisible hand. She reads back the writings and learns of things she never knew, embarking her into a new spiritual path.

She walks her dog under the starry night and feels a presence, looks up and sees a UFO. Somehow a thought message is transferred to her and she is in awe.

This young lady thinks of a loved one far away and at that very moment her phone rings and is that person! How can that be?!

Sam is an emotional rollercoaster. At times she is crying for no reason and other times she is laughing and feeling as never before. Her body is going through incredible changes she cannot explain it. Her senses are more acute. She knows there is something new about her but cannot pinpoint what it is or why.

She is pacing through the isle of her favorite supermarket. At one point she feels as if she has stepped into another dimension, but no one else around her feels it. Is she dreaming or experiencing for real?

Sam is resting on her sofa at home. It seems she feels lighter and suddenly she is floating, staring at her physical body but she is free to float above and decides to take a trip to outside her home. She keeps moving upward and is in space practically touching the stars. Samantha looks back and sees planet Earth as small as a blue marble ball. She cannot describe the feelings of freedom and let things happen as she slowly comes back to her physical body. She opens her eyes and smiles. There is a something new about her.

The young lady meets a stranger and she feels as she knew him forever and decides to engage into a conversation. She later finds out they have more in common that many of her longtime friends.

Probably some or most of the feelings Samantha had on the above-mention short stories are familiar. Maybe you never told a soul for being afraid of ridicules and isolation. Here is a place you can visit where you will feel at home, recounting your feelings and experiences as never before and in the company of so many of like minds, where the unreal for the skeptics is simply the truth and where you can expand your knowledge feeling free.


Welcome home!

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Mission Statement

The Paranormal Awareness Society, Corp., is a FREE Paranormal Service dedicated to the ongoing research of providing answers to questions related to the paranormal field and paranormal activity involving the general public. Our research solely involves client-contact cases. We at PASC, are here to help the general public and provide whatever assistance is necessary in helping them find the answers they are looking for or by providing counseling assistance in dealing with activity surrounding their lives.

PASC also has ongoing research projects such as, answering the question, “What is an orb?” or “What is poltergeist activity?”. We have the staff capable of handling these situations and research projects. PASC does believe in dealing with the general public in a fair and honest manner. All of our services are provided free of charge. At PASC, we do not close a case until the client tells us they no longer need our services because they are satisfied with the results.


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