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Time Slips /Reality Shift

Time Slip or Reality Shift

The events that I am going to present to you were very profound and life changing for me. They are a series of events that happened over late spring and throughout the early summer of 2013. It began in March when I had a shared event with a friend although at the time we had no idea that we would experience what I believe was a time slip. I have tried to figure out the exact date but have been unsuccessful because at the time we were unaware that anything unusual was about to unfold. The best that I can tell it most likely happened in the 3rd week of March, 2013. It began with a news story on the evening news that explained when and where the super moon would be most viewable in our area. They explained how incredible the moon would be; focusing on the huge size it would most likely be.  I had never heard of a super moon and I was looking forward to hopefully seeing it as the story said that it would be most viewable in the early hours of the following day. 

My friend works nights and I work days so the next morning when the reporter said it would be most viewable to us, he would be driving home from work as I was driving to work, so there was a good chance that we would see it; and we did!.  The news story was correct and was not exaggerating when it spoke of how big the super moon would appear in the sky that morning; it was absolutely spectacular! I was so excited about seeing this completely awesome sight that as soon as I got to work that morning I sent a text to my friend to see if he had seen it on his way home. I was happy to hear that he did; and his reply made it clear to me that he was impressed by it as well. So, nothing odd, right?

When preparing this story for posting my sister reminded me of the next event that may be connected to this time slip event. It was the appearance of a luna moth on a plant in my backyard. I found through my research that this is actually a rare sight in my area because luna moths prefer densely wooded areas. I live about six blocks from the ocean in a very populated section of a huge city.  Below is the picture I took on 05/17/13 of a luna moth exiting from it's cocoon.

Another month goes by and the super moon as well as the rare sighting of the luna moth has long been forgotten when I received a text from my sister who lives in NY. She was letting me know of the super moon that would be visible in the sky that night. I was completely confused and perplexed as to why there would be another super moon when I had just witnessed one a few months back.  Because I had never heard of the super moon before this year, I thought, well, possibly because she lives in another state than me, it was going to be the best time for people in her area to see the super moon that I had witnessed a few months prior.  I told her that when I saw the super moon a few months back it was spectacular so she should try to witness it, if she could. After she stopped laughing at me because of my lack of knowledge of our lunar friend, she told me that it was not possible for me to have seen a super moon earlier in the year since it only happens once a year. That was when it became apparent to me that something odd had occurred on that day in March.

Remembering that my friend had also witnessed the super moon months prior, I quickly sent him text just asking if he remembered the super moon we had witness prior in the year. I did not mention that my sister had just texted me that the super moon was supposed to be that night. His response was how can I forget that? was so spectacular! I then told him what the truth was, that being, that we could not possibly have seen the super moon back then because it was occurring tonight. He did not believe me and said he would check the internet and show me that there was a news story that would back up our experience when he got to my house. When he arrived at my house, he did in fact get onto the internet searching for no less than 30 minutes but could not find the story that we both know should have existed. That left us scratching our heads.

I know what I saw that morning in March of 2013. And I know there was a news story about the appearance of a super moon that would appear that night/next morning. I have thought long and hard about this whole event and I cannot figure out how two people could have heard a news story about, and witnessed from separate locations, a super moon that could not have taken place and would not take place for another three months. Was this a time slip, a glitch in the matrix, or something completely different?

If you have had any similar event happen to you, I would love to hear your story so please Email Me and tell me your story. 

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Owls/Phoenix Sinchronicities

December 7th 2013-Owls/Phoenix Synchronicities


Picure My Granddaughter Colored For Me




If you look the word synchronicity up on line you will find this definition: Synchronicity: coincidence in time.  I have been noticing strange occurrences that involve owls and I wanted to share my story with you. I am curious if anything similar has ever happened in your life.


My synchronicities with owls started a few months back when I was listening to my local NPR station.  I don't recall the exact date but it was in late summer or early fall of this year.  I came in on the broadcast in the middle of the show so for a while as I listened, I did not know exactly what the interview was about.  When the break came up, the female interviewer said "You're listening to an interview with David Sedaris about his new book Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, and we'll be right back."  I thought what an odd title for a book but I continued to listen as I drove myself home from work not thinking anything more about it.  How could I have known that this was just the first of a string of owl references that would infiltrate my life in odd and mysterious ways.    


I began to notice owls everywhere; in stores, on street signs, on clothing, just absolutely everywhere.  I saw them in the form of piggy banks, necklaces, earrings, embroidered on shirts, stickers on cars; even a co-worker has a sticky pad in the form of an owl that I had never noticed until then. I was being absolutely inundated with owls it felt.  Finally, I had to mention it to someone and I sent both my daughters and one of my sisters texts and told them how these owls were just popping up everywhere in my life.  After I did this, they too began to see owls everywhere.  They began sending me pictures of owls that they were coming across in their lives and they were in the oddest of places. 

New Scrubs my daughter's friend bought thinking it was just pictures of flowers


The owls kept coming.


One of the children my sister babysits for brought this home from school


Ad I found in a flyer last week


I listen to a podcast about unusual things called Mysterious Universe.  I have been listening to them for years and enjoy the format of the show and the way the show flows. It is hosted by these two young guys from Australia and it's a pretty good show.  They cover all kinds of things from new scientific breakthroughs to Bigfoot; and everything in between.  I usually download their shows onto my MP3 player and they, along with other downloaded podcasts, keep me company on my way to and from work.  Well, very unexpectedly I was listening to one of their podcasts a month or so ago and lo and behold, it was an interview with a man who has had many owl encounters.  His encounters are with real live owls whereas mine have all been replicas of owls but I found it fascinating that this seems to be a real phenomenon.   I began reading his blog and listening to his podcasts. Many people who he has interviewed, I beleive he does as well, think that there is a UFO connection with owls. He has gathered many, many stories of people who have encounters with owls and is in the process of writing a book about his findings. Actually, the book may already be available as I write this.  


Another bird that has been popping into my life in a similar fashion is the phoenix.  I told one of my sisters about the way Phoenix has been popping into my life to a lesser degree than the owls but still in a noticeable and undeniable way.  One very odd synchronicity involving the phoenix happened just last night.  I was at home alone and went outside to have a cigarette.  I was texting with my sister at the time so I took my cell phone out with me.  I notice the moon was out and there was a very bright object next to it so I wanted to see what that bright object was so I grabbed my cell phone and clicked on my android sky app. 


For some reason since ISON has been moving into our view I have been having problems with this app as well as the Google Sky app that I have downloaded so when I pointed the phone at the moon the app was saying it was something called Ankaa.  I had never heard of that and neither had my sister whom I was texting with at the time but she decided to Google it and found out that Ankaa is in fact the brightest star in the constellation Phoenix.  This is the type of thing that makes you go huh?!!  Somehow these synchronicities find ways into your life in the most unexpected ways, even possibly through an app downloaded on your cell phone.  It is said that if you experience synchronicities, it is nature's way of letting you know you are on the right path.  Is this true? I'm not sure but what I have come to understand about them is that when one happens to you, you need to pay attention because someone or something is trying to get your attention.  


I would love to hear about your experiences with owls, the phoenix or synchronicities so, please email me if you have had anything similar happen in your life.



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