The Hidden Paradise

Experience the Enchantment of Tinago Falls

The Legend of Tinago Falls


          During the days of old, when sultans and datus were considered the most influential and powerful people of the time, their lived a princess named Tin-ag, the daughter of Sultan Agok.


          Since Sultan Agok and his wife were the affluent couple in the village, they were pointed by the people as their king and queen. When they got the throne, they became too proud of themselves and became selfish.


          They wished to have a baby that would take their wealth. After a few years, they got what they wanted. Sultan’s wife got pregnant.


          One day, an old beggar came to their house and asked for help. The two did not take the old woman’s help but exiled and rejected her. They did not know that the old beggar was an enchantress disguising to be ugly. As a punishment for what they have done, the old beggar cursed the couple that their baby will be as ugly as their attitude. The two did not take it seriously but laughed and totally banished her.


          When the child was born, the couple was shocked of what they saw. They did not expect that their baby was ugly, because they were very confident that the baby will be as lovely as her mother. Until such time, they remembered the curse that was given to them by an old beggar. The couple was sad and disappointed. They hid the baby in a cave to avoid embarrassment but still visited and cared the baby until it grew up. They named the baby Tin-ag which means “The hidden face”.


          One morning, she tried to go out from the cave and to see the beauty from the outside. She was so amazed of what she saw. She felt that she was in a paradise when suddenly a person saw her and with that she immediately went back to the cave. She felt so sad knowing that she was not that free to do anything and wept all her sadness. The person who saw her was the enchantress that her parents encountered long ago. The enchantress told her not to despair and to pity herself because of her ugliness because there are many people other than herself who were more miserable. So the enchantress offered her a chance to be transformed into something of great beauty and splendor. Tin-ag accepted the offer and chose to become a waterfall since she always wept and also possessed a good character which was something beautiful. The once ugly princess has now become the waterfall we know today as Tinago Falls — The Hidden Paradise.




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