Paragon Cardmodels

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This section is dedicated to aircraft that, for some reason or other, never reached production.


 S/A-10D Thunderstrike Card Model: A completely fictional aircraft I designed as speculation on how the US Military could keep the A-10 alive as the years go by.

Difficulty: 3



XF-103 Thunderwarrior: A supersonic fighter design from Republic that never progressed past the mock-up stage.

Difficulty: 3

--XF-103 USAF.pdf

--XF-103 ANG.pdf

-------------------------------XF-103 Bare Metal.pdf

-------------------------------XF-103 White.pdf


 YF-23 Black Widow II Card Model: Northrop Grumman's design that lost to the F-22 Raptor.  Some people believe it was a better aircraft.

Difficulty: 2




F-16XL Card Model: General Dynamics entry for the ETF competition that lost to the F-15E. 

Difficulty: 3





F-25 Shrike Card Model: This fighter was never produced because it is completely fictional!  This was my first design, and is actually a kitbash of several of Ojimak's models, posted with his permission.

Difficulty: 4 



F-25 Blue Angels Card Model: I got a little carried away with my F-25 fantasy...

Difficulty: 4

--F-25 Blue Angels.pdf




Su-56 Card Model: A Russian fighter that never reached production.  Design was very similar to the Su-27 and variants, the major difference being the single engine.

Difficulty: 2

-- Su-56 Blue.pdf

------------------------------Su-56 144.pdf - 1:144 Scale.  Prints two, and includes landing gear.

------------------------------Su-56 Uncolored.pdf - Uncolored version for those interested in modification.


MiG-37 "Ferret" Card Model: Also not produced because it is fictional, but this time it was made up by the model company Italeri.

Difficulty: 3

--MiG-37 Russian 1.pdf - Grey version in Russian livery.

----------------------------MiG-37 Russian 2.pdf - "Flanker colors"; Blue camo.

----------------------------MiG-37 Russian 3.pdf - Typical camo scheme with Russian livery.

----------------------------MiG-37 Russian 4.pdf - Solid black scheme in Russian livery.

----------------------------MiG-37 Romanian 1.pdf - Same as Russian 3 but in Romanian livery.



X-Su-17 Card Model:  Another Russian fighter that never reached production, not sure why.          

Difficulty: 1





Blohm & Voss P.212.03 Card Model: German jet fighter that was never produced because WWII ended first.

Difficulty: 2

--BV P.212.03 Grey.pdf

--BV P.212.03 Green.pdf

------------------------------BV P.212.03 Uncolored.pdf


Messerschmitt Me P.1112 Card Model:  Another Luft '46 cardmodel, this time from Messerschmitt.  This model was designed at the request of a visitor as thanks for his generous donation.

Difficulty: 2

--Me P.1112 Version 1.pdf

------------------------------Me P.1112 Uncolored.pdf



J-13 Card Model: The name on this one is tentative.  It may be a real design, it may not.  Perhaps the Chinese will let us know sometime.

Difficulty: 2

--J-13 PLAAF.pdf



 "J-15" Card Model: This design is most likely fictional.  I found it on a website in a foreign language, so I don't know much about it, but I thought the design was cool.  It looks sort of like a YF-23 with swing-wings.

Difficulty: 4

------------------------------J-15 PLAAF.pdf



 Boeing 2707 Series Card Model: A cancelled supersonic airliner Boeing designed back in the 60's.  The model includes parts for three different versions: 2707-100, 2707-200, and 2707-300.

Difficulty: 4

--2707 Delta.pdf - Delta Airlines Colors.

--2707 American Airlines.pdf - American Airlines Colors.



IAI Lavi: A fighter designed by Israeli Aircraft Industries, it never reached production because the Israeli government could not afford it.  Many people believe the Chinese J-10 Chengdu was based on the Lavi, though after designing models of each, I doubt this to be true.

--IAI Lavi.pdf - In IAI prototype colors.

------------------------------IAI Lavi Small.pdf - In scale with my J-10 model.

------------------------------IAF Lavi.pdf - If the Lavi had entered service with the IAF.

------------------------------IAF Lavi Small.pdf


"Fan Model" X-planes:

MiG-21 E-2A Card Model: An interesting Russian project that Dragos has kindly supplied us a model of by doing some interesting modifications to my MiG-21.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-21 E-2A.rar