Paragon Cardmodels

WWII Aircraft Downloads:

This section is dedicated to models of aircraft from around WWII.

 Consolidated PBY Catalina Card Model: One of the most heavily produced and common American aircraft before and during WWII, the PBY was a versatile aircraft that saw service in every branch of the military.

Difficulty: 4

--USN Catalina 1.pdf

--------------------------------USN Catalina 2.pdf

--------------------------------Black Cats Catalina.pdf

--------------------------------Always Catalina.pdf (from the movie "Always")

WWII X-planes:

Blohm & Voss P.212.03 Card Model: German jet fighter that was never produced because WWII ended first.

Difficulty: 2

--BV P.212.03 Grey.pdf

--BV P.212.03 Green.pdf

------------------------------BV P.212.03 Uncolored.pdf


Messerschmitt Me P.1112 Card Model:  Another Luft '46 cardmodel, this time from Messerschmitt.  This model was designed at the request of a visitor as thanks for his generous donation.

Difficulty: 2

--Me P.1112 Version 1.pdf

------------------------------Me P.1112 Uncolored.pdf