Paragon Cardmodels

Welcome  Modellers!

This website is dedicated to cardmodels created by James Gemperline (aka Paragon), and all derivitive works. 
For those of you unfamiliar with cardmodelling, it is the creation of models by printing on, cutting, and glueing cardstock (heavy paper).
Most of the models available on this website are of aircraft.  I try to make them relatively simple, to allow more people to build them, as well as make the construction process short and less painfully tedious.
 I am typically very open with my content.  My models are (for now) free, and I typically include "uncolored" versions of my models, for modelers who wish to customize my models.  I encourage everyone who creates a model from my files to share it with the rest of the cardmodelling community, especially myself, variety is never a bad thing when it comes to hobbies.
My only stipulation is that nobody use my models or files for commercial purposes in unassembled form.  I have no problem with the sale of constructed models, the profit in that case can be attributed to the manual labor spent on construction, but in any other form I strictly prohibit it unless you have my expressed permission.
That said, I hope you enjoy this site, and more importantly, my models.
~James Gemperline 


Check out this post by Doug Drexler about one of my models.  His blog is particularly interesting for Star Trek fans, and fans of science fiction in general.

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Recent Uploads:

March 18, 2014: Delta Flyer added to the Star Trek section.

November 24, 2011: New Runabout added to the Star Trek section.

April 19, 2011: Four new models in (Star Trek), the NX class, NX refit, Type 11 shuttle, and Venture Class scout ship.  Frylock model added to (Other).

October 15, 2010: Five new Star Trek uploads available, including the Enterprise D and Voyager. (Star Trek)

May 24, 2010: Y-Wing BTL-B added in three paint schemes. (Other)

May 14, 2010: TIE Phantom and Super TIE added. (Other)

April 5, 2010: Four new Star Trek uploads available, the new Durandal, Centaur, Steamrunner and Prometheus. (Star Trek)

November 15, 2009: Star Trek and Other models that were accidentally left off the Mediafire servers are now mirrored there.

September 26, 2009: All models originally hosted with Savefile now have Mediafire mirrors available.

September 26, 2009: Minbari Whitestar added. (Other)

August 20, 2009: Vulcan T'Plana Hath added. (Star Trek)

July 8, 2009: Vulcan Sh'Ran type added. (Star Trek)

July 6, 2009: Vulcan Maymora DSRV added. (Star Trek)

June 4, 2009: Two new unofficial re-imagined Enterprise models, and Constitution.  (Star Trek) ("Fan Models")

March 26, 2009:  Updated USS Kelvin added. (Star Trek)

March 25, 2009:  USS Hood, USS Farragut and USS Hartford now available. (Star Trek)

April 15, 2009: Type 8, new Type 9, Hawking, and Galileo 5 shuttles uploaded. (Star Trek)

 April 7, 2009: New Cylon Basestar files moved to (Other)

April 7, 2009: Type 10 Shuttle Update and Type 18 Shuttle uploaded. (Star Trek)

April 1, 2009: Massive Star Trek update! (Star Trek)

March 6, 2009: Consolidated PBY Catalina uploaded in 4 variants. (WWII)

December 23, 2008: STXI Enterprise and Koerner Enterprise uploaded. (Star Trek)

December 14, 2008: USS Phobos (Loknar Class) uploaded. (Star Trek)

December 13, 2008: USS Durandal and USS Kelvin uploaded. (Star Trek)


Of course, all the models available on this website are completely free.  The paper community has given me a lot, and this is one of the ways I help give back.

Sometimes as a college student I have trouble making ends meet.  I do have a job, but occasionally I find myself short on cash, and at those times, I usually have to sacrifice my hobby to spend time doing things that will earn money.  Any donations you care to make are greatly appreciated, and help me continue designing models (by supplying paper and ink, for example).

Donors also get special attention from me when suggesting new subjects.