Paragon Cardmodels

"Fan Model" Downloads:

This section is dedicated to you!  This area is for all the products of those who download my "uncolored" models.  If you want a model uploaded, just post in the forum, and I'll tell you how to get it to me.  Make sure to include images!

MiG-21 in North Vietamese Colors: Designed by "Nothing" from the Zealot Hobby Forums.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-21 Viet.pdf



Golden Hawks F-86 Saber: Created by "Cuthbert" from the Zealot Hobby Forums.

Difficulty: 2



MiG-21 E-2A: An interesting Russian project that Dragos has kindly supplied us a model of by doing some interesting modifications to my MiG-21.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-21 E-2A.rar


Su-7 India: A great looking recolor by Edi from the Zealot Hobby Forums.  I love the look of the light lines on the dark background, and the mouth wraps it all up.

Difficulty: 1

--Su-7 Indian.pdf


Multi-National MiG-15s: Some more repaint action from Dragos, including four different liveries.

Difficulty: 1

--Egyptian MiG-15.pdf

--Hungarian MiG-15.pdf

-----------------------------Iraqi MiG-15.pdf

-----------------------------Romanian MiG-15.pdf


Hellenic Air Force Be-200: A repaint of my Be-200 model in colors as it could be in service in Greece (more to come).  From Stormeagle.

Difficulty: 5

--HAF Be-200 - Yellow and red waterbomber.

-----------------------------HAF Be-200 Waterbomber - 1/144 scale.


Gabe Koerner's Re-imagined USS Enterprise Card Model: Dyna-Soar from Zealot has created this conjectural Constitution class prototype, combining the Kelvin and Enterprise from the new movie.

Difficulty: 3