Paragon Cardmodels

Contemporary Military Aircraft Downloads:

This section is dedicated to aircraft of contemporary design, that have reached production and may or may not still be in use.


Panavia Tornado Card Model: Saw service in multiple airforces, and carried out both attack and interceptor roles.

Difficulty: 4

--Tornado RAF.pdf




Sepecat Jaguar Card Model: Another joint project, like the Tornado, though most air forces are retiring it.

Difficulty: 2

--Jaguar RAF.pdf



A-10 Warthog Card Model: Considered ugly by some, my model of it is due for an overhaul.  Still a fun build I think.

Difficulty: 2

--A-10 Grey.pdf

--A-10 Green.pdf




V-22 Osprey Card Model:  After a long and troubled development, the US Marine Corps has pressed this potentially innovative design into service.  This model takes a while longer to build than my others.

Difficulty: 5

--V-22 USMC.pdf 



C-27J Spartan Card Model: Alenia's medium transport, designed after the United States modified ten G.222s into the C-27A Spartan.  The C-27J entered service last year.

Difficulty: 4

--C-27J Spartan Version 1.pdf 

--C-27J Spartan Romanian.pdf

------------------------------------C-27J Spartan 


IAR-99 "SOIM" Card Model: Romanian two-seat trainer and light attack aircraft. 

Difficulty: 2





L-39 Albatros Card Model: Czech two-seat trainer and light attack aircraft.  The Albatros has spread across the world, and has a very devoted following of private owners.

Difficulty: 3





J-10 Chengdu Card Model: China's newest fighter, a single-engine fighter that appears equivalent to the F-16.  Try this site if you're looking for a great detailed model of the J-10.

Difficulty: 3

--J-10 Version 1.pdf 

--J-10 Version 2.pdf

------------------------------------J-10 Version 3.pdf

------------------------------------J-10 Version 4.pdf