Paragon Cardmodels

Cold War Downloads:

This section is dedicated to models of aircraft that entered production during the Cold War era.

 F-3 (F3H) Demon Card Model: McDonnell's first swept-wing fighter, and one of the first American fighters armed with missiles.





F-86 Saber Card Model: Made famous in the Korean War, the Saber was the fastest thing in the air at the time.

Difficulty: 2




F-100 Super Saber Card Model: North American's legacy to the F-86, the F-100 saw a lot of action in Vietnam, especially as the first Wild Weasel fighter.

Difficulty: 3

--F-100 USAF.pdf


-------------------------------F-100 Wild 

-------------------------------F-100 Accessories.pdf - Landing gear, fuel tanks and missiles.

-------------------------------F-100 Designer - Includes bare metal and white versions for those of you who want to recolor it.


F-101 Voodoo Card Model: Vanguard of the north, originally designed as a long-range bomber escort, it later served as all weather interceptor.

Difficulty: 3 

--F-101 USAF.pdf 

--F-101 CAF.pdf - Canadian Air Force colors.


F-102 Delta Dagger Card Model: Convair's first operational delta-wing fighter, capable.

Difficulty: 3

--F-102 USAF 1.pdf 

--F-102 USAF 2.pdf 

-------------------------------F-102 Bare Metal.pdf 

-------------------------------F-102 White.pdf


XF-103 Thunderwarrior: A supersonic fighter design from Republic that never progressed past the mock-up stage.

Difficulty: 3

--XF-103 USAF.pdf

--XF-103 ANG.pdf

-------------------------------XF-103 Bare Metal.pdf

-------------------------------XF-103 White.pdf


F-104 Starfighter Card Model: Lockheed's Mach 2 fighter that became very successful worldwide.  Additional versions are available at

Difficulty: 3

--F-104 Luftwaffe.pdf 

--F-104 NASA.pdf 

-------------------------------F-104 Starfighters Demo Team.pdf


-------------------------------F-104 CCV.pdf


F-105 Thunderchief Card Model: The largest single-engine fighter ever produced.

Difficulty: 2


--F-105 Wild Weasel III.pdf - Pictured.


U-2 Card Model: One of the two most famous spy planes ever built.  This model includes parts to build two versions.

Difficulty: 2

--U-2 Black.pdf 

--U-2 Dark.pdf 

-------------------------------U-2 Grey.pdf 


A-12/SR-71 Line Card Model: The other most famous spy plane ever built.  Five derivatives of the original design are available here.

Difficulty: 3

--A-12.pdf - Mirror - Original version, grey and black.

--M-21+D-21.pdf - Mirror - M-21 with D-21 supersonic drone (pictured).

--------------------------------YF-12 - Mirror - Interceptor iteration that never made it to production.

--------------------------------SR-71.pdf - Mirror - Most famous version, in all black.

--------------------------------SR-71B.pdf - Mirror - Two-seat trainer.


B-57 Canberra Card Model: Purchased from the British and manufactured.  Also includes RB-57 and WB-57 variants.

--B-57 USAF.pdf - Mirror

--B-57 Orange.pdf - Mirror

--WB-57 NASA - Mirror


B-57G Night Intruder Canberra Card Model: Modified version of the B-57 used during Vietnam.

--B-57G.pdf - Mirror





B-58 Hustler Card Model: Convair's supersonic bomber.  Pilots were contained in ejectable capsules.

Difficulty: 3

--B-58.pdf - Mirror

--B-58 - Mirror



MiG-15/17 Card Model: The direct adversary of the Saber.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-15/17 Light.pdf - Mirror - Light colored version.

--MiG-15/17 Red.pdf - Mirror - Red "aerobatic" version.

--------------------------------MiG-15/17 Dark.pdf - Mirror - Dark colored version.

--------------------------------Mini Migs.pdf - Mirror - All three versions in a very small scale.

--------------------------------MiG-15/17 - Mirror


MiG-19 Card Model: The next generation for the Soviets.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-19.pdf - Mirror

--MiG-19 - Mirror

--------------------------------MiG-19 Romanian.rar - Mirror - A version with Romanian markings by Dragos, from the Zealot Hobby Forums.


MiG-21 Card Model: Supersonic fighter that saw widespread use.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-21 Russian.pdf - Mirror

--MiG-21 Romanian.pdf - Mirror

--------------------------------MiG-21 - Mirror


MiG-23 Card Model:  Russian swign-wing fighter. 

Difficulty: 4

--MiG-23 Russian.pdf - Mirror

--MiG-23 Romanian.pdf - Mirror

--------------------------------MiG-23 - Mirror



Su-7 & Su-9 Card Model: This file includes two fighters, both use the same fuselage, but have different wings.

Difficulty: 1

--Su-7-9.pdf - Mirror

--Su-7 - Mirror

--------------------------------Su-9 - Mirror


Su-17/22 Card Model: Swingwing attack aircraft based on the Su-7.

Difficulty: 4

--Su-22.pdf - Mirror

--Su-22 - Mirror





Yak-25 Card Model: Russian twin engine interceptor.


--Yak-25.pdf - Mirror

--Yak-25 Uncolored.pdf - Mirror



Vautour Card Model: French bomber from the cold war.

Difficulty: 2

--Vautour.pdf - Mirror

--Vautour Uncolored.pdf - Mirror



Dassault Mystère Card Model: French fighter from the cold war.

Difficulty: 2

--Mystère French.pdf - Mirror

--Mystère IAF.pdf - Mirror - Mystère in Israeli Air Force colors.

--Mystère Uncolored.pdf - Mirror


English Electric Canberra Card Model


--RAF Canberra.pdf - Mirror

--Luftwaffe Canberra.pdf - Mirror


English Electric Lightning Card Model: The famous, supersonic, last purely British fighter designed to date.

Difficulty: 1

--Lightning RAF.pdf - Mirror

--Lightning RAF Re-release.pdf - Mirror - Re-release of the above file, with improved texture.

--------------------------------Lightning - Mirror


J-29 Card Model: Swedish fighter from the cold war era.

Difficulty: 3

--J-29.pdf - Mirror

--J-29 Uncolored.pdf - Mirror

Cold War X-planes:

X-Su-17 Card Model:  Another Russian fighter that never reached production, not sure why.          

Difficulty: 1



Cold War "Fan Models":

MiG-21 in North Vietamese Colors: Designed by "Nothing" from the Zealot Hobby Forums.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-21 Viet.pdf - Mirror



Golden Hawks F-86 Saber: Created by "Cuthbert" from the Zealot Hobby Forums.

Difficulty: 2

--Golden - Mirror


MiG-21 E-2A: An interesting Russian project that Dragos has kindly supplied us a model of by doing some interesting modifications to my MiG-21.

Difficulty: 1

--MiG-21 E-2A.rar