Paragon Cardmodels

Civilian Downloads:

This page is where you will find all downloads of civilian aircraft.

DC-10 Card Model: McDonnel Douglas' first widebody airliner.

Difficulty: 3

--DC-10 United.pdf  - Mirror -1995 United Airlines colors.

--DC-10 - Mirror


L-1011 Tristar Card Model: Lockheed's debut and final airliner, they didn't make enough sales.  Nicknamed the "whisperliner" because of the low noise inside.

Difficulty: 3

--Delta L-1011.pdf - Mirror - Delta Airline Colors.

----------------------------L-1011 - Mirror


Beriev Be-200 Card Model: The Russian seaplane company Beriev's newest seaplane, the Be-200 is a multipurpose amphibian that can operate as an airliner, transport or firefighter.

Difficulty: 5 - Mirror



Civillian X-planes:

 Boeing 2707 Series Card Model: A cancelled supersonic airliner Boeing designed back in the 60's.  The model includes parts for three different versions: 2707-100, 2707-200, and 2707-300.

Difficulty: 4

--2707 Delta.pdf - Mirror- Delta Airlines Colors.

--2707 American Airlines.pdf - Mirror- American Airlines Colors.

--2707 - Mirror